What’s so good about Design Agencies?

Design agencies aren’t just for making new logos or web pages. They can brand and market your business in ways that attract more customers than you’ve seen before. Having a list of reputable design agencies is very important to keep your branding updated and reflective of your business. London is a bustling region, with lots of businesses and competition in whatever you have chosen. So your branding and marketing are crucial to help your business stand out and draw in the most customers. To help you out, we’ve made a list of the href=”https://pearllemonweb.com/fashion-website-design/”>design agencies in London, so you’re always prepared with respected design agencies when you need them.
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Epam Systems

Epam systems are the largest company on this list, with operations in several countries worldwide. They specialize in lots of different technological services like product development and product design. In their London offices, you will find a very reliable and reputable design agency that offers excellent services to your company. Being such a large and well-known company means you get the benefit of the trust. You will find lots of positive reviews regarding the design services offered by Epam.


Cyber-Duck is based in London and offers web design, development, and app development services. They’re a lot smaller than Epam systems, with only around 80-100 employees. But this does not take away from their excellent services. If you’re looking for great reputations, this company won’t let you down. They have done successful jobs for many large companies and even significant governments and banks, including Mitsubishi Electric, Bank of England, and the European Central Bank.

Fishfinger Creative Agency

Fishfinger, headquartered in London, is a relatively new company as it was only created in 2014. However, it has offered consistently good design models for online web pages and physical packaging for smaller businesses.

They have a small team of 4 which means you get personal service and feel more connected to their agency. They also have a list of high-class clients, including Google, ESPN, and Red Bull.



This New-York based company specializes in websites, web pages, and mobile apps. They tailor the services to your company- whether you’re a big or small company.

This agency is excellent at creating simple and easily accessible websites and more attractive websites for customers.


The Design Laboratory

The Design Laboratory is another smaller agency but offers a range of design services that are suitable for many different industries. 


Again this agency is based in London and offers and offers online web and graphic services and physical package design services.


How Pearl Lemons team can help your business

Pearl Lemon has a dedicated design team that can aid you in creating a practical and attractive brand.

Our design team has worked with many different brands and websites over the years. They know what works and what doesn’t. So if you’re looking for a beautiful website that’s easy to maintain and edit- we’ve got you covered.

Website design can be complicated to do on your own when you’re starting your new business. If you’re not familiar with the platform to create the website, it’s not easy to create a website that looks nice but also works well.


We can get you off to a great start!

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Our Project Delivery Process

Our team can use their skills to design an excellent website for all types of businesses in many different types of markets- from restaurants to electricians.

Your website will be bespoke to your business and will reflect you and your brand perfectly. As well as a stunning website, we will also give you all the knowledge you need to maintain the website correctly. 

With the proper tools, our service can give you an excellent website and web design skills that you can keep with you forever.

Our design team has lots of experience with website design- they will know what your business needs to improve their website. This means you won’t just be left with aesthetic design, but you will also get a functional website that customers can operate efficiently.


We also pride ourselves on our communication. We will provide you with regular updates on improvements to your website and how they are performing. 


You can let us know your preferred way of contact and your schedule. Using this information, we will be able to give you updates that you will see.

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You can contact a design agency whenever you feel like you’re ready or feel like you need one. They will always be effective for your business and provide you with a greater chance of receiving customers and sales.

They are instrumental in the early stages if your feeling a little lost on your website or branding. A little help from experts will help you have a great start to your business.

Design agencies are not necessary for a successful business, but they are beneficial. They can aid beginners and bring you some tremendous early growth for your business.

They can also give you extra improvements that you may not have thought of on your own.

If you’ve purchased design services, you should see some form of improvement over time. A better website should boost your sales. It’s important to note that you may not see the improvements straight away due to other factors in play.

More importantly, you should like your new website yourself. It should have a good reflection of you and your ideas for the business.