As a restaurant owner, you know that people eat with their eyes first. You take the time to design beautiful dishes plated in an eye-catching way to please the palate and eyes of your customers. We can guarantee seeing your plates on social media and being featured by your customers warms your heart. But what about your restaurant’s website? You need a restaurant web design company that can help ensure your website is just as captivating as the dishes that come out of the kitchen. Pearl Lemon Web is the best restaurant web design company that services the US and international clientele.
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Why You Need a Restaurant Web Design Company

You pour your heart and soul into your restaurant. From menu design to product sourcing…but what about your presence online. You need expert restaurant web designers to turn your menu, images of your dishes, how to find you and reviews displayed for all to find. This is a must. Many people turn to Google to find restaurants near them and will spend time looking at the distance from them, options on the menu and looking for previews at what dishes may look like.

The best way to display this is through a well designed website. With over 100-thousand restaurants throughout the nation, having an excellent website is what can set you apart and attract more customers to your restaurant. You need your name out there and and that is exactly what your website does.


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Website Maintenance Packages For Better Customer Experience
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Additionally, having a restaurant web design expert come in can help you connect with your customers. A happy customer can turn into a life long patron. Having a website that showcases your restaurant, culture, history and more creates the community feel that can help push people to keep coming back for more than just your food.

What is Included in Our Restaurant Web Design Services

Pearl Lemon Web approaches each restaurant web design project from square one…no cookie cutter approaches. This way we can guarantee you a unique design and approach.
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We Will Research Your Target Audience

It is important to understand your target audience. When you started your restaurant, we are sure you had an ideal customer or filled dining room in mind. By knowing what type of people you want to be served in your restaurant, we can help determine the best approach for your web design project.

We find it important to take the time to research your target audience. By envisioning your audience, we can research your ideal customer. Our team can ensure that we look at interests, behaviours, age range, etc. This is the most important first step to your restaurant web design project.

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Find The Best Design For Your Brand

Once we finish researching your audience, we find it pertinent to work alongside your team to be sure we nail the design of your restaurant website. We want to find the best design for your brand, but first, we need to know your brand. It is important to know if your restaurant aims to cater to families, hipsters, children or more posh customers.

While we address who you want to target, we will also nail the tone your website needs to take through colors and written content.

Is your restaurant high-end or down-home? The audience, message, and tone will help us design the website for you!

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Create Life-Long Restaurant Customers

No matter your industry, forming solid relationships is the key to success.

Allowing us to create a beautiful website for your restaurant is one of the best ways to help your customers remember your brand, name, and image. Having this foundation can help keep valuable, repeat customers that you need to stay in business.

Why Pearl Lemon Web for Your Restaurant Web Design

Pearl Lemon Web is a team of web design experts that can handle anything thrown at them. We can help you ensure your restaurant’s website is beautiful and turn site visitors into visitors for your physical location.

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We can help you design a site that showcases your menu, company, or enables online ordering…or all of the above.


Web design is a general term for illustrating and building a website. Restaurant web design focuses on the design of sites specifically for restaurants. The trick here is finding the best ways to highlight your food, menu and help enable your restaurant’s success. As restaurant web design experts, the Pearl Lemon Web team knows how to take all of those site visitors and encourage them to hop in their car and try your dishes.
A well-built restaurant website is first and foremost, easy to use and navigate. Users want to view your menu and dishes without added complexities. Additionally, it can’t just be a pasted menu on the site…it has to be attractive overall. To add to the user experience, if you have online ordering enabled, it must be secure and work flawlessly, so your customers get to eat their meal. Pearl Lemon Web is the restaurant web design agency that can help fill seats in your restaurant by producing a gorgeous website.
Why Pearl Lemon Web, of course! We are an award-winning web design company that makes us the best restaurant web design company in the business. Give our team of experts a call today to discuss your restaurant web design project. Book a call HERE!

In addition to a beautiful design, your restaurant’s website must be able to function as a marketing tool beyond just a menu showcase. If you want to attract and retain new customers, you have to have an engaging website.

This means it needs to be easy to use and attractive to look at. Your website has to be functional and smooth without flaws.

This is where our team of restaurant web design experts can come in. We were founded from an SEO company, so our designs have SEO in mind, your site’s functionality, and the overall user experience.

Welcome to [Your Company]!

We are excited to start building your new website. Please check your email for important information.