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Why Is A Daycare App Important To Your School?

The answer is simple. Over 75% of parents use their cell phones most of the time. On-the-go daycare solutions are the perfect way to stay up to date anytime, anywhere. Customised daycare apps for schools and centres enable schools to have two-way communication with parents and students. Here are some ways daycare apps can help schools and centres:

Keep A Tab On The Kids

You have detailed records, but you rely heavily on your staff to memorise important details about each child. Also, forgetting certain details can lead to compliance issues. Having a parenting app improves reporting accuracy. Parenting apps help you stay on top of things by providing staff with an easy and convenient way to record relevant information about the children they care for. An app allows employees to search each child and family profile quickly, take notes, and ensure all records are up to date.This saves you time and resources and allows you to focus more on your children while keeping track of important information such as attendance, milestones, etc.

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Parent Communication

With a fully integrated and comprehensive parent engagement solution that spans classroom management, a daycare app allows parents to track developmental milestones, share photos and videos, enable two-way communication, and they can engage more in the child’s daily activities.Because teachers can send photos and videos to parents with just a tap, parents can view their child’s activities shared by the school and easily message the staffCentres can record custom student activities and add developmental skills such as fine motor skills, social skills, and language. The calendar feature also makes it easy to share newsletters with parents in addition to upcoming events.

Lesson Planning

All photos and documents can be saved in the app, making lesson planning easier for daycare educators. This means you can access these files wherever you are. You can also share it with other staff members or curious parents.

Enrollment And Registration

The admissions process is an area that many preschools and kindergartens struggle with. The sudden influx of new kids, paperwork, and questions from parents can be overwhelming. You can:Eliminate the need to fill out paperwork manuallyHelp plan for class size, available resources, etc.Create individual profiles for each child that can be changed at any time. Create and give staff a central location to access important informationThe automated childcare registration process maintains control, makes registration easier for parents, anticipates changes and stays a step ahead can do.

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Seamless Billing

Your daycare and its staff deserve to be paid for their good work. Many daycares still rely on outdated billing systems. These outdated systems can cause many problems and affect our ability to provide quality care.Daycare apps make billing a hassle-free process by automating tedious tasks. With the Daycare App, you canAutomate your payroll process to help maintain positive cash flow and pay your employees on time.Make paying bills an accessible task by integrating your payment system with childcare management softwareTrack unsent and pending invoices and send reminders if neededGet better visibility into your invoices and get paid on time

Why Pearl Lemon Web Designers?

Because we can offer app design services in London that come with the following and more:

Unique To Your Brand

Get an app that is as unique as your brand—no more generic die-cut templates. The Pearl Lemon Web team ensures that parents understand your brand image and goals before starting work and keep that in mind every step of the way.

Seamless Cooperation

At Pearl Lemon Web, our creative and technical teams work together to deliver a seamless app design product. This is important because every element of your new app needs to work well and look great; only this kind of teamwork can guarantee that.

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Innovative App Design Technology

Cutting-edge technology enables an app to keep up with changing trends without needing a major new overhaul. The apps we build are easy to update and optimise if needed.

On-Going Support

Get fast, continuous, and responsive technical support when you need it. We stand behind our work and never walk away when a new website design is published. We strive to leave you with an app you love and can manage daily. However, if you need assistance, you can easily contact the Pearl Lemon Web team by phone, email or WhatsApp.

App Design For Daycare That Is Tailored To Your Brand

We provide a childcare app for parents. Pearl Lemon Web has several years of experience designing, developing and delivering daycare apps specifically built for parents.

Our experts can design an easy-to-use daycare app for your facility, modernised with the latest features such as daily sheets, cross-platform notifications, and digital absence forms. Parents lead busy lives. We ensure that your on-the-go daycare solution is designed to give them easy access to information, tools, resources, and utilities.

Our apps are custom-made for parents, with thousands of downloads for Android and IOS. Pearl Lemon Web’s daycare solutions are powerful tools for maintaining meaningful connections between parents and daycare.

Start providing parents with ease of communication with an optimised app design from us. We also provide app design for kids.

Book a call today, and let us help you on this journey.


This process takes 3-4 weeks for simple apps, 6-7 weeks for medium-sized apps, and 9-10 weeks for large app design processes involving multiple UI and UX experts.

App design costs vary from $3,000 to $30,000. This is a very wide range, depending on several factors, including the app’s complexity. 

Give us a call today so we can discuss your app requirements.

Working with a design agency like Pearl Lemon Web means getting your desired design faster. Designers at the agency work in teams to simultaneously work on multiple requests. Each designer works on the most proficient part of the project, resulting in quality designs faster.

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