Ever wondered why most people would spend time on their phones rather than their laptops or big-screen televisions?

That’s because phones are much more portable and user-friendly than the two other devices. With mobile phones, you can bring them anywhere at any time. One can also access the same content they’re looking for on a laptop and smart TV. So rather than hassle yourself from getting a laptop that’s quite bulgy and a TV that you definitely can’t bring with you, people would instead use mobile phones. You’ll often see locals and tourists in your area using their phones– perhaps to take a picture of the York Minster, Clifford’s Tower, outskirts of Castle Howard, the magnificent National Railway Museum, or just a selfie.
Alongside the reality that people would prefer mobile phones is the fact that there are applications on phones that can make life much easier.  In fact, a smartphone user has an average of 40 apps installed on their mobile phone.  A report also shows that 85% of mobile users prefer apps over mobile sites. This just shows how adamant the general public is in using applications on phones.
Why Choose Our Go Development Agency?
We understand that this is an opportunity that cannot be forgone. The chance to communicate with potential customers through their smartphones lies on an application that they can use. That’s why Pearl Lemon Web offers the convenience of planning, creating, and promoting an ideal mobile app for your business in York. Work with expert mobile app developers that have the skills and knowledge to build the app of your dreams. If you want to know more about how we can help you, contact us now.

Who Needs an App Anyway?

There are several reasons why your business in York needs an app.


Here are those benefits:


Communication Platform

It is a direct communication platform that will allow you to freely and quickly communicate with your customers on what they think or feel about your products and/or services.


Increase Brand Awareness

It can increase other people’s brand awareness for your business. When people use your app, they also learn more about your business.

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Marketing Channel

It can be used as a marketing channel to post your advertisements and other digital marketing strategies.


Customer Rapport

Customers would like to have something back for their loyalty to your product. With an application, you can implement a loyalty and rewards program to entice your customers to interact with your brand more.


Competitive Edge

It will allow you to be one level higher than your other competitors who have difficulty reaching out to their consumers.

Mobile App Development In Utah

Of course, it’s not something that can be done overnight, but with the right developers, like our team of experts in Pearl Lemon Web– you can get all these benefits in no time.

The Features We Can Include

Our mobile app development features come from an array of selections that are practical and innovative. We believe that these features will strike your consumers when they open them on their phones. Some of the features that we can put in your app are:

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Music Player

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GPS Directions

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One-Touch Calling

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Tell-A-Friend Feature

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Food Ordering Services

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Mobile Shopping Cart

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Mobile Reservations

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News Feed Feature

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Social Networking Features

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Video Integration

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Real Estate Features

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Blog Integration

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Loyalty Programs and Coupons

As mentioned, these are just some of it– Pearl Lemon Web can always be flexible and adaptive in whatever our clients need.

Our Mobile App Development York Services

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Mobile apps

Our in-house designers and developers deliver award-winning apps for mobiles and tablets. Pearl Lemon Web can design native apps for iPhone, Android, or mobile web apps across various business sectors.

Data Migration


We plan, design, develop and deliver websites fit for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We work with businesses, brands, and agencies to deliver successful digital solutions across several industry sectors.

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Digital Marketing Services

The digital world moves fast, and we move with it. At Pearl Lemon Web, we ensure that our clients are well placed to take advantage of this ever-changing landscape through clear, helpful, and thoughtful strategic digital marketing advice.

Our services cover the entire mobile ecosystem.


Our expertise is not only in building apps; we also cover wearable technology and all back-end infrastructure to make your business idea a great success.

The Pearl Lemon Web Way

Let’s make your digital dreams come true.


Here at Pearl Lemon Web, we:


Plan & Design

Let’s work hand in hand in achieving the goals you want by planning into action the digital ideas you have. We’ll also design and layout everything for you!



Once we have the plan and design, we can develop the ideas we created together. We’ll inform you of how the process is going and what could still be improved along the way.



Of course, we can’t stop at just developing– we’ll start to execute our plans and strategies to the general public.



We’ll also promote your product and/or services with us alongside the plans we laid out to accomplish its success.


Pearl Lemon Web enables companies to maximise the use of technology to accomplish their long-term goals and do it in a short period. Our services provide your business with the best online resource to help you build and multiply your business’s potential.

Upgrade Your Status Now

Now is the time to get that digital transformation you’ve always longed for. The fast-paced evolution of technology won’t wait for your business. You won’t even need to worry about all the technical work because we’ll do that for you. All you have to do is show us your business goals and needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!


Mobile app development is creating, maintaining, and implementing source codes to develop mobile apps and mobile platform programs that meet the needs and requirements of clients that would like to utilise an app reflecting their business.

You can make your app if you’re tech-savvy enough or have a degree in programming. If you’re not one of the two– you might have difficulty doing so. That’s why we at Pearl Lemon Web offer our services to people who have no idea how to develop their app.

Web programming language and databases for the back-end are crucial factors in developing your app. For native mobile apps, we choose a technology stack that each mobile OS platform can cater to. iOS apps can be developed using Objective-C or Swift programming language. Android apps are primarily built using Java or Kotlin.

This one is quite technical in many aspects since there are a lot of programming languages. Some languages used are Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dart, etc.

Every app we build is customised to the business we’re working with. That’s why our services vary on a case-to-case basis, including the fees you’ll incur. Pearl Lemon Web understands the unique needs of each business. We do not offer a singular plan to every business. You can talk to our experts today and learn more about it.