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You need to have a website for your auto business to succeed. This isn’t all that’s needed. In addition, you must also make sure that your website is well-equipped to assist in the sale of automobiles It is easy to search up and see marketing recommendations that are geared toward helping you attract traffic to your website. However, if your website isn’t up to snuff, you’ll just anger away potential buyers the next time they’re in the market for a new vehicle. But we know you still aren’t entirely convinced.  My ad appears in well-known publications and sales channels every month, and I have XX number of sales agents. Why would I need a website for my auto dealership? You may ask.  95% of people who opt to buy from car dealers usually do pre-purchase research online, with 76% using Google to get information. Now, what does this tell you? A company’s website serves as its primary point of contact with the world wide web Today, instead of asking each other about a business, individuals put in a company’s name, research their products or services, and compare them to their rivals to make an informed decision. We help businesses do that, here at Pearl Lemon Web. If you want to know how, why not book a call now?

First Impressions Last

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The top page of Google and other search engines provides you with an enormous edge over your rivals. But to accomplish this, you must have a responsive and professional auto dealer website that displays your expertise, promotes your vehicles, and is easy for the customer to browse through.

It would be best if you kept distractions to a minimum on your website’s design. User-friendly navigation tools and CTAs should be prominently displayed across the site, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. As a result, customers will be able to navigate the site more efficiently and spend more time there.

The Benefits of Web Design

Web Design is a necessary part of a company’s marketing and brand positioning. We have compiled a list of the benefits that one can get as they establish a website for them:


Web design is the online counterpart of your shop. Additionally, it serves as another medium to market your products. As it functions as two in one, it is cost-effective. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not to mention, it is a lot cheaper than a physical store as here, you don't necessarily have to pay rent anymore, and any additional costs after your initial spending would be but mere website maintenance that still doesn't come half to the office maintenance you would've needed. Aside from that, it is also cost-effective in terms of staffing as this does not require too many people, especially if you plan on outsourcing a web design agency like us.

A Thorough Catalogue of Cars

You should have a list of all the vehicles available for purchase on your website. To pique the interest of potential buyers, each vehicle must have a detailed description that is written in an engaging style. Make a point of mentioning any particular qualities or features of the vehicle that make it stand out from the competition. Additionally, the pricing must be clearly marked so that the user can compare it with other vehicles and auto dealerships.

mobile app development in Kent
mobile app development in Kent

Gain Targeted Traffic

Search terms like "London dealer," "used vehicles," and "where can I purchase a car in London" are typed into search engines by tens of thousands of individuals each day. So many people look for a car online that it's critical to have a strong SEO strategy in place. It is the goal of any dealer to have their website appear in the top searches for the most relevant keywords in the industry. As a result, a large number of people conduct location-based searches while they're looking for an automobile. You can stand out from your competitors by putting money into local SEO.

Reach the Target Audience

Given that people will be appearing in a better place in the search engine results, it is also more likely for you to reach more of your target audience. As people who'd avail car deals search for the best car dealership, the chance of your site to appear and be visited by them would be higher with a website.

Our Award-Winning Services

When it comes to web design for car dealers, Our in-house team of designers and developers at Pearl Lemon Web delivers bespoke services, skills and all the support you need. Our services include:

Web design

We can develop and launch a custom website for your business. Our sites are search engine optimised (SEO), have a responsive design, are fast, and have an overall high-quality user interface.

Web redesign

Our professional web developers can make any adjustments to the appearance of your existing website that you may like. We can give you a modern and updated design for your website, complete with all the functionality you want and need to use effectively.

Why Choose Our F# Development Services in London?​
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Web maintenance

Your content management system (CMS) and website will remain protected thanks to the management services that we provide.

Landing page design

Earn better from your PPC campaigns with our custom landing pages and drive leads to your business.

Pearl Lemon's Drive

Pearl Lemon Web knows that car dealers face a unique set of challenges in order to attract new customers. Providing unparalleled user experience through responsive, unique, SEO-friendly websites is what we do best. Besides web design and development, we also offer other digital marketing services, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC), to help people find your website. Contact us, and let’s work together to help your business succeed online.


The rules are pretty much the same:

  • – Have a responsive Design
  • – Display all your contact and location information
  • – Display your Credibility. 
  • – Highlight your recent and past projects. 
  • – Establish trust with your prospects.
  • – Improve your page loading speed
  • – Use high-quality photography

Our car dealer website design will take a short period. However, the period depends on the type and size of the project. We provide the best web design and development service to fulfil each provision of the client. Our company keeps in contact with our clients even after the end of the product.

We can complete smaller projects in a very short amount of time, often between 3 and 8 weeks, whereas more complex websites can take anywhere from 3 to 8 months to complete.

Website digital marketing services can benefit your company significantly. First of all, it will help you save money and resources. You would not need to build an online marketing department. Moreover, once you hand over the responsibility to our digital marketing professionals, you can rest easy, knowing that they will produce favourable results.

Anytime you want. Simply describe to us what you have in mind for your website, and we will launch into production right away.

Our company provides services to all ranges of companies. That is why we offer affordable website design pricing as well as different packages to fit the requirement of different clients. If the client does not find our pre-built packages satisfactory, the client can also request a custom quote. We always try to provide the best competitive website design pricing.