You have a business website. Great. At a glance, it looks great. So why would you need to consider working with a company that offers website maintenance packages? Just another expense to have to figure into your budget, who needs that?

The answer is, that unless you have a very skilled in house IT and technical SEO staff, you do. Or rather, your website does. Website maintenance packages offered by a multitalented and highly skilled web development company, like Pearl Lemon Web, can do more than just keep your website up and running, they can boost your bottom line and ensure that brand continuity that’s so important to both your target audience and to Google.

Why is Website Maintenance So Crucial?

Websites are the windows to your business, much as eyes are to the soul. When consumers or search engines arrive at your website, they’re looking for evidence that you’re a reputable, competent company. A reputable company that provides a valuable service. Your business will attract and retain clients, provide helpful information, and maintain strong search engine rankings if you update and maintain your website on a regular basis.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important advantages of routine website maintenance and website maintenance packages.

Website Maintenance Packages for Better Customer Experience

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a customer visiting a website. Slow load times, spam messages every 5 seconds, and dead links abound on that website. You’ll most likely be annoyed and frustrated.


Now imagine you’ve arrived at a well-maintained website. You notice a lovely website design, discover useful information on the blog, and navigate the site with ease. You will be satisfied and happy.

Nearly 89 percent of companies say they compete largely on the basis of customer experience today. In 2010, only 36% of respondents felt they did so. As a result, it’s as clear as day: routine site maintenance can result in a better consumer experience.

Not only will you impress your customers, but you will also generate more revenue. Consumers will be enticed to purchase your goods or services since your website made a good impression on them. Furthermore, these clients will become your brand ambassadors. They’ll tell their friends and family about your site and business and recommend it to them. All for free, and who doesn’t love free?

Website Maintenance Packages for Better SEO

Customers aren’t the only ones who come to your site. Other things, which we like to refer to as website crawlers, can be found on your website. These crawlers have the ability to either promote or bury your brand. But what exactly is the deal with technical SEO, and why is it so crucial?

In a nutshell, Google uses its Google bots to examine your website. These Google bots are on the lookout for vital pieces of information that tell Google how valuable your website is. Google bots will examine your website’s keyword optimization, structure and organization, speed, and actively look for mistakes and errors.

If a Googlebot analyzes your website and discovers badly coded redirects, duplicate pages, or error pages, your SEO rating will suffer considerably. Meaning, your company will have a low search engine ranking and consumers will have a tough time finding your site. Driving legitimate traffic to your website is critical to your business’s survival, therefore making sure everything is properly optimized is essential.

Website Maintenance Packages for Brand Reputation

Consumers want to do business with a company they can trust. A website with lots of broken links, obsolete material, and dead pages, on the other hand, is a consumer turnoff. They’ll get the idea that your organization is outdated, insecure, and irrelevant.

Regular upkeep is crucial if you want to present your company in a favourable light and promote yourself as a trustworthy and innovative organization. You’ll need to redirect your old pages, fix your broken links, and add fresh content. Only by doing so will you be able to make a positive impression on your potential customers and gain their trust.

Website Maintenance Packages to Save You Money

Long-term neglect of your website’s health can lead to an accumulation of flaws and problems. Inadequate site maintenance can result in site downtime or even a full loss of the website, and, as a result, revenue. If a number of things go wrong, you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars to rectify the situation. And if they’ll go wrong at once? It’s a nightmare to say the least.


As a result, investing in web maintenance services to keep your website healthy and error-free is always a better option. Your company’s success, as well as the health of your budget, may, in fact, depend on it.

So What Are My Options When it Comes to Website Maintenance?

When it comes to site maintenance, business owners have four options:

Hire an in-house web and marketing staff. This is the more costly choice. You will need to pay for each employee's salary, benefits, overhead, and other expenses, and that's after sinking a ton of cash into the hiring process.

Employ a wide range of expert freelancers. Although using freelancers is sometimes less expensive, it does necessitate strong coordination and communication. The biggest problem here is usually that freelancers work on their own and don't understand the big picture of a company, and sometimes don't work well as a part of a larger team.

Go the DIY Route. If you opt to do your own site maintenance, be prepared to devote a significant amount of time and patience after spending a long time trying to learn a LOT of stuff you probably don't want to. Most people do not find coding thrilling (although we are happy that we found great folks who do, crazy kids.)

Take advantage of the services of a web maintenance firm. It really is usually better to hire a web maintenance firm and choose a website maintenance package. It will include all the resources you'll need for website upkeep, including security and error correction and prevention strategies, programming, coding and technical SEO services.

The Bottom Line on Website Maintenance

It can be time-consuming and frustrating to maintain your website on your own. Working with freelancers can lead to a lack of collaboration and poor website maintenance. The cost of hiring in-house staff is prohibitive. This brings us to your final and best option: hiring a web maintenance firm like Pearl Lemon Web. A website maintenance firm can look after your website and improve its functionality and security on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Pearl Lemon Web is the most effective way to create, host, and maintain your website. We offer a wide range of services, including web management, hosting, and maintenance. To learn more and get started, contact us now.