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Open source Development Company
Open source technology has changed the technology market. A developer gets complete flexibility of customisation in the process of the project development.  So, you want to grow your business in open-source development but don’t know how to do it. Well, we got your back. Pearl Lemon Web has extensive experience developing various open-source software, and we can help clients get scalable and high-performing solutions to grow their business.  Whether you are a startup, established enterprise, or corporation, we can deliver efficient open-source solutions.
Our skilled open-source developers will help you achieve long-term business success and relationships with your target clients or customers, from CMS websites to complex web apps.  Here, we use the most advanced open-source technologies to deliver high-end services, including customisation, installation, development, maintenance, and integrations.  We can deliver open-source for various platforms, including Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal development, ZenCart, etc. Reach out to our experts today and see what we can do for you.
Open source Development Company
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Unlock Business Opportunities And Grab Customer Attention

Open-source development is an ideal choice for many businesses today as it’s faster to develop and requires lower overall ownership and integrations ecosystem costs.  Our teams at Pearl Lemon Web can help you transform your business with a new generation of customer-centric, real-time, and connected apps designed on open-source platforms.  We develop all types of websites, including auction, education, social networking, corporate, banking portals, etc. 
Want to learn more about our solutions? Take a look at them below::
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Content Management System
  • Portal Development
  • Website Migrations and Upgrades
  • Touch-base Virtual Communities
  • Custom Web App Development
That’s just some of them, actually. If you want to learn more about other services we provide, talk to our experts today. Or you can take visit our website right HERE.

Open-Source Development Services

Open-source technology has become the trend of modern software development, and it is so for various reasons. Developers have the freedom and leverage to design any concepts that a non-specialist can imagine. 

PHP Web Development

We offer flexible, reliable, and scalable PHP solutions using the latest technologies and tools to help clients achieve their business goals and maximise ROI.

Joomla Development

Our experienced team offers Joomla development solutions to fit our client’s requirements and business goals. Our development team has the expertise to build feature-rich Joomla websites and portals.

Drupal Development

We can build responsive and feature-rich Drupal websites for small and large businesses.

WordPress Development

We offer scalable WordPress development services built with advanced technologies and tools at Pearl Lemon Web. Our WP developers think outside of the box to deliver unique ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

CodeIgniter Solutions

We use CodeIgniter development to create powerful, effective websites and nextgen web apps clients will love.

Zend Framework Services

 Our developers have comprehensive knowledge of the Zend framework development and can deliver efficient and effective web solutions within a defined timeframe.

Ruby on Rails Development

Our talented team ensures high-quality user experiences for small and large businesses with scalable Ruby on Rails development.

Open-source Customization

We use end-to-end customisation to build fully-featured ecommerce sites, shopping carts, CMS, etc.

Open-Source Development

You can rely on our expert web solutions to help you streamline your business processes and ensure optimum performance.

Advantages Of Open-Source Development

Want to know what you gain when working with open-source development?

We’ve listed them down for you. Go on, take a read.


Flexibility & Agility

IT leaders’ significant responsibility is ensuring that their enterprises are flexible and agile. The competition will leave you behind if you cannot compete in agility. Technology agility is enabled by open source, which provides multiple solutions to problems. Open source can make your business more efficient when a particular capability isn’t available from a vendor. You can create that capability instead of waiting for the vendor to provide it.


In the near future, if your enterprise doesn’t already compete on speed, it will. As a result of open source, speed is enabled. Open source offers the advantage of starting with the community versions and delivering immediate value. Open source products, particularly those supported by Red Hat, increasingly have professional support and services available to them.

Getting started quickly and easily, and maturing to a large-scale, supported, enterprise-grade implementation without incurring proprietary licensing hurdles allows you to get the best of both worlds – flexibility, agility, and the ability to get started quickly and inexpensively.

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In general, open source solutions are much more cost-effective than proprietary ones. Enterprises can start small and scale with open source solutions because they are typically more affordable for equivalent or superior capabilities. Open source solutions make financial sense for enterprises because budget constraints are often present.

Starting Small

Taking advantage of open source means starting small and quickly with community versions and then migrating to a commercially supported solution as your business needs dictate. As long as there is no need for support, you can continue using the community version. A commercial solution can be scaled up once you’ve tried the various alternatives, selected the one that works, and mastered it. 

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Solid Information Security

Information security is one of the strong points of commercial open source in a dangerous environment. In spite of the challenging environment, the open source community and vendors have been very responsive to information security problems relative to the open source community. Our open source experience has helped us identify and fix problems in much decades-old code, rather than allowing the code to rot in a proprietary environment where few were aware, but others exploited it.

Why Pearl Lemon Web?

Now that you know how it helps your enterprise, your next question is: Why hire Pearl Lemon Web for my open-source development needs?

You should choose us because we:

  • Have a highly qualified team of experts and developers;
  • Offer custom solutions for our clients;
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  • Deliver high-end open-source development;
  • Know open-source solutions impact your target market;
  • Stay at the top of the trends in open source technology;
  • Hold extensive and in-depth understanding of related technologies;
  • Employ a reliable and flexible support team;
  • Are aware of easy maintenance solutions; and
  • Have highly-secure services.

Still not convinced? Keep on reading then.

We Make It Simple For You

Our team at Peal Lemon Web can help you execute even the most challenging open-source and web development projects. Our open-source development solutions aim to bring transformational growth to our clients Our solutions are backed by vast domain expertise and global processes to facilitate growth, enhance operations, and reduce costs.  We can build custom open-source apps to your business specifics and needs.  Contact us now to learn more about what our open-source development company can help you achieve.


Here, the CMS or Content Management System is managed or controlled by a designated developer community instead of an individual developer. The source code is freely available to anyone, meaning anyone can edit, modify or change it to design their functional platform.

Our highly-skilled professionals leverage the power of opensource technologies to deliver fully-customized services that fit your business requirements perfectly. We also offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. 

This depends on many factors, such as the complexity of your customisation and features. Just send us your project requirements, and our team will send you a quote.

Yes, we do. We offer site maintenance and server management services to help you run your website and keep it professional. 

We offer detailed and efficient open-source development infrastructure to serve multiple domains based on our client’s needs. We apply the latest technologies to deliver efficient services, whether CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, CodeIgniter, or more.