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Being one among 30 million results (estimated in 0.37 seconds) can make you feel a little out of place as a graphic designer. In the internet’s bizarre bazaar, your website is your place to set up shop and display your items. But is your website promoting your job, or is it sending the wrong message? Make a lasting impression on potential clients by setting up and maintaining your own website on the internet. To that end, 

you should pay particular attention to the website's design, as it accounts for 94% of people's first impression of your company.  Additionally, you may utilise it to set up live performances and build your internet presence in addition to showcasing your work to the world. However, web design requires a new set of talents you may not possess. Then good thing you have us. Get in touch with us, and we'll solve your problem.


Is Web Design Different From Graphic Design?

Although web design and graphic design share many similarities, they are two distinct industries. The following are a few of their unique characteristics:

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Technical knowledge

The critical difference between graphic and web designers is their ability to work with technology. With HTML and CSS knowledge, web designers must be capable of making their designs work in real-world contexts. Meanwhile, graphic design allows you to create a completely unique digital design without restrictions with graphic design tools (no coding, usually). Web design, on the other hand, necessitates the consideration of factors such as file size and page load speed.

Many aspects of graphic design are temporary in nature. Once a book cover or poster has been printed, it is impossible to change the design. A dynamic medium, on the other hand, is web design. It can modify and adapt to new situations. One can do an overhaul throughout the years of a website or web design. Maintaining relevance is critical for a firm as design trends change.

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Dimensions of dots per inch (DPI) and pixels

The size of files and the time it takes for pages to load are significant concerns for web designers. Because of this, photos must be reduced in size. In graphic design, file size is less of an issue. Typically, you want the highest quality photographs for printing, which results in big file sizes. Using the same image on the web and in a printed layout is possible, but the sizes will be vastly different. Dots per inch (DPI) and pixel size are to blame for this. Generally speaking, web images are saved at 72 DPI. However, printed photos require a resolution of 300 DPI to be printed. Since the internet is full of low-quality images, it's no surprise that it's often fuzzy and distorted when you try to print one. It takes more pixels to print an image than it does to display an image on a computer, tablet, or phone screen.

The limitations of typography

Many online design improvements have been made, but typography has remained somewhat limited. The design may default to a more basic font if a user's browser doesn't support a particular typeface. Meanwhile, in graphic design, using font stacks makes it possible for the browser to select from a wide variety of fonts. Simply, the font-family value is composed of A LOT of fonts for graphic designers.

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Web design requires a long-term partnership

Keeping a website up-to-date is a never-ending process. You can adjust at any time on the web because it is dynamic. Having a web designer on retainer may be a good option for your customer if they need support with regular design modifications. When it comes to graphic design, your work isn't finished until it's sent to print. A new version is almost always required when there are significant changes. For example, a new direct mail piece sent out in a few months may be the subject of this conversation. Reprinting and distributing graphic design is also pricey. The client must now pay for new postage and reprint any direct mail pieces that include errors.

Both work with a variety of experts in their respective fields

You can become a freelance web developer by learning how to build custom websites with specific platforms. To bring your UI design mockups to life, you'll most likely need to work with a web developer if you can't do so independently. While on the graphic design side, you may have to collaborate with a production artist and a graphic designer to get your design ready for printing.


Why Pearl Lemon Web?

Pearl Lemon Web can provide your firm with the following services:
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Web design and development

Our dedicated team of designers provides our clients with a full range of web development and design services. We focus on your website's technical and aesthetic aspects to make it a powerful lead generation platform.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Our web design services include SEO services. Our designers are taught the best SEO practices and will ensure your website optimises to help you rank high in the SERPs.

Content marketing and management

We have a team of experienced writers that can create engaging content for your site. We conduct keyword research and optimise your content to boost your site performance. We also produce content material for PPC and social media.

Responsive web design

Our responsive web design will help improve your search rankings. We carefully examine your website's overall performance to diagnose any errors and ensure every aspect of your website is functioning well.

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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Our web development services will ensure that you capitalise on leads and maximise ROI.

Custom web design

We understand that there is no one-solution-fits-all. Our web design team builds custom-tailored websites to make our clients stand out from the rest.

Email marketing

Reach out to your prospects and grow your client base by choosing email marketing as one of your website's web design services. We will launch email marketing strategies (including email design) to promote your website content and share any company accomplishments.


Let Us Do It For You

Your graphic design firm’s website can be built by our team of experienced web developers and designers.  We are more than capable of generating sturdy, dynamic, and user-friendly websites. You can attract and convert more prospects and leads by using these features. Our talented web developers and designers will produce a graphic design website to help you grow your business by raising your company’s online profile. Are you prepared to take your business to the next level? Give us a ring.

Web design is dynamic, whereas graphic design is static

Because of how websites are designed, the end-user has direct control over what they see. It's as simple as clicking a button and navigating through a series of web pages. There is less interaction in graphic design. It doesn't change when you contact it, even if you gaze at it or touch it.

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We are unlikely to encounter any of these challenges because we work closely with clients from the beginning to the end of the web design process. 

Because you’ll be involved at every stage, the end result should be something you already approve of. 

We can finish smaller projects in three to eight weeks. Larger enterprise-level websites, on the other hand, can take anything from three to eight months to construct.

For this, you may refer to Pearl Lemon Group, our SEO agency counterpart with a proven track record of producing leads for our clients using various marketing strategies and site design.  We use highly strategic techniques in conjunction with top-tier resources as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of service possible.
This question, we believe, does not have a single valid answer.  The project’s specific requirements determine the cost of a website design project. Making a website is an art form in its own right; no two websites are alike.  The Pearl Lemon Web team specialises in creating unique websites for businesses like yours. We will thoroughly examine your website’s requirements and generate a price quote based on our findings. We can assure you that it will be highly competitive and sensibly priced.