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The # 1 choice for website design company

Your business’ logo is at the heart of your brand. It’s on everything. You’ll use it everywhere. Good or bad, lots of people will remember it more easily than your business’ name. Given all this, why would you risk your brand reputation by settling for a cheap, generic logo?

At Pearl Lemon Web, we believe that every business deserves exceptional logo design, and our logo design agency London is here to help. Our expert designers work closely with clients to understand their brand vision and create unique, professional logos that perfectly represent their identity.

By simplifying the process and collaborating with a top-notch logo design agency in London like Pearl Lemon Web, you can ensure your brand stands out from the competition with a memorable and impactful logo.

Why Logo Design Is So Important

A business logo is more than just a combination of symbols, letters, shapes, and colors. It’s not simply a graphic and/or typographic mark that identifies your organization. It’s the first step in building a memorable brand that lasts.

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Your Logo IS Your Brand

At Pearl Lemon Web, we understand the importance of maintaining a connection with your clients and customers throughout your business’s lifecycle, and a well-crafted logo plays a crucial role in achieving this. Take one of the most famous logos in the world, the Golden Arches – there’s no need to mention the business name, is there? This iconic logo has remained essentially unchanged since 1968. Thanks to its thoughtful and meticulous design, the McDonald’s logo is recognized by billions of people across the globe, even after 50 years.

Doesn’t your business deserve the same level of recognition? Our logo design agency London, Pearl Lemon Web, can help you create a memorable and enduring logo that stands the test of time.

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The Power Of A Professional Logo Design

How powerful can a well-designed business logo truly be? To answer this question, actual scientists have devoted significant time and effort into researching the impact of logos on consumer behavior. Time and again, their findings have revealed that a good logo possesses even greater influence than one might initially assume.

Not only does a strong logo aid consumers in remembering your brand, but it can also directly influence their perception of your product.

Scientific research has demonstrated that various aspects of a logo, such as its shape, size, and colours, can play a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making processes, including whether to make a purchase or not.

In essence, a thoughtfully designed logo wields the power to shape consumer behavior and drive sales, making it a vital component of your business’s overall success.

Pearl Lemon Web's Logo Creation Process

At Pearl Lemon Web, we’re passionate about creating not just visually stunning logo designs, but ones that genuinely resonate with your brand’s message as well. We take the time to dive deep into the core of your business, understanding its purpose, values, and the audience you’re aiming to captivate before even touching the drawing board.

We know that crafting a one-of-a-kind logo for businesses across various industries requires a true grasp of their essence. So, how do we make it happen? By utilizing our proven logo design process, refined through countless successful partnerships with delighted clients, we bring your brand’s vision to life in a logo that’s both captivating and memorable.


This is a very important step in the professional logo design process. We’ll talk with you and discuss not only what you hope to get from a new logo design but what your business does and what its values are.



We begin to sketch out logo design concepts around the design brief and the research that has been completed.


We’ll present logo design concepts to you. How many we offer varies from client to client, but you’ll always have options.

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We want clients to love the logos we create. After we have presented the logo design options we’ll work with you to narrow down the choices and decide on the best one.


With the logo design finalized it’s executed in its final form and delivered to you in a number of sizes and formats. And don’t worry, we’ll always have copies backed up in case those files get lost somewhere down the line.



Maybe you already have a logo, but you think it might be time for a change. Redesigning a logo can be a great way to refresh a brand, but do it wrong and it can also be its downfall. There are some circumstances when a logo redesign really makes sense:

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Your logo does not work for digital

If your logo has been around for a while, there’s a chance it might not be quite as effective in today’s digital landscape. The once stylish and intricate design that has graced your signage and packaging for years could struggle to make an impact online.

Enter the web-friendly logo – a design that’s been optimized for the digital world, ensuring your brand stays bold, vibrant, and instantly recognizable across websites, social media, and other online channels without losing any of its charm or unique identity.

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Your company has outgrown its logo

Often, when a business is just starting up the money just isn’t there to execute the best branding. So maybe you did opt for a logo from one of those cheap and easy logo makers. But now that your business is growing that cheap and cheesy logo is holding it back and it’s time for something new, a logo design that represents how much your brand has grown and continues to grow.

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Your company is shifting direction

A change in company direction is one major reason for a logo redesign. As a company evolves, its logo can quickly stop representing what the company actually does or stands for and consumers get confused.

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Your logo looks dated

Brand history is important, but that doesn’t mean your logo should remain unchanged forever. Design norms change over time, and to stay relevant, your brand logo needs to adapt to those changing norms.

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Logo Design Company UK FAQs

Pearl Lemon Web offers professional logo design for all kinds of businesses and organizations. Whether your business is a restaurant, high-tech, non-profit, religeus, automotive, real-estate, entertainment, medical, law, finance, education, fashion, sport, personal, or operates in any other industry we can create an amazing and unique custom professional logo design to represent it.

Great, we’d love to see them. No one knows your business and your industry like you do, so that kind of input is invaluable to our design team. We will almost certainly have some other suggestions and ideas, often based on our experience, but anything you want to bring to the discussion table is something we’ll be excited to see.

Pearl Lemon Web’s logo design team work with a number of different design and illustration softwares in order to get just the look they – and you – want. We also still do old fashioned – but very effective – things like sketching. Basically we use any and every tool at our disposal to create the best possible logo design to represent you and your company.

Lots, it’s your logo after all. When you commission your logo design you’ll be assigned a project manager who will work with you every step of the way and make sure your voice is heard when you want it to be.

The timeline varies according to the scope of the project, but we can promise that we don’t waste any time.

Hopefully that won’t happen as you’ll be involved in the process. But if it does, as a logo design agency London that always aims to please, we offer a limited number of redraws and tweaks until you do like what you see.

Yes. We understand that an increasing number of people are finding value in branding themselves as well as their business. We can provide personal logo design services to anyone that will help them build their personal brand across all kinds of niches and genres.

Once your logo design choice has been fully rendered and a final product has been signed off on we will deliver your logo design to you in a number of different formats and styles. We will also make sure we retain copies that you can request in the future if you need to.

As soon as it is paid for, you do. Pearl Lemon Web transfers all rights to the design to you, we retain no claims to it in any way.