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In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial for any golf society to thrive. An engaging and informative website allows you to connect with members, attract new players, and promote your events effectively.

With around 15,000 golf societies in the UK, most already have a website or are planning to do so, and you need to keep up.

If you’re planning to create new or tweak your old golf society website, Pearl Lemon Web can help. We’ll develop a unique golf society website to benefit your members and guests.

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Many golf clubs are already aware of the value of digital platforms in connecting with and engaging golfers. Still, recent surveys have clarified this and showed that all golf clubs must actively use digital tools.

One of the most important sections for all golf clubs should be the website. In addition to serving as a storefront, it also serves as a means of updating and informing members and potential customers about activities. 

When looking for information online, most people are more likely to visit the golf club website, with reservations and tee time details of the utmost importance. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that most non-club golfers also agree that courses must notify players in advance of any rules. Simply put, golfers have expectations for the products they purchase if they spend money.

Moreover, here are some advantages of having a website for a golf society.

Reach The Younger Audience

The younger audiences enjoy golf, but many prefer to buy their stuff and make their bookings online. If you give them this option, you can reach generations like X-Zen and Millenials. Research shows that 85% of millennials make most of their purchases online. Today’s youth loves the convenience of not leaving their homes, making phone calls, or waiting in line to get what they need. Expanding your reach and including younger generations in your target audience will come from implementing online booking or a mobile app for your golf course.
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Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Online golf management systems will fundamentally assist you in managing your consumer relationships and enhancing your marketing plan. Numerous options exist for doing this.

For starters, it allows you to introduce specials and send them out to your clients in real time, which is wonderful for marketing. You can use that information to contact golfers who have accounts on your website to inform them of last-minute openings, special offers, etc.

Your marketing efforts can be much more successful when you know your target audience. 

What Should Your Golf Society Website Include

People are looking for new golf societies to join, but some find many websites for golf societies to be frustrating. They lack the visual element that golfers rely on to decide whether they want to join, are difficult to navigate, don’t look great on mobile devices, and lack basic information about what takes place there.

Following that, we will uncover a list of components every golf society website design has to include to boost pro shop sales, tee time, and event bookings. The following are requirements for great golf clubs’ websites.

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News And Blog Sections

Golfers use Google to look up information on various topics and queries. A great marketing plan for your golf course is to have a blog that covers these subjects. It positions your PGA professionals and golf pros as the greatest in the industry while also assisting in developing your golf brand and website’s Google ranking.

Golf societies should conduct keyword research to identify worthwhile subjects and then optimize their websites and articles to focus on regional subjects for which local golfers will be looking.

Responsive Design

Have you ever used your phone to browse a website and noticed right away that it wasn’t designed for that particular device? To read all the text, you had to constantly zoom in and out, scroll sideways, and squint to make out some hazy pictures. That is due to the website’s lack of responsiveness.

You can create a single website using a responsive web design that will automatically scale for any device. Responsive design is essential since more people browse websites on smartphones than on desktops lately.

Additionally, you’ll save time and money during conception and any necessary edits by creating a single responsive web design instead of two separate websites. Today’s ready-to-use website-building templates almost always embrace responsive design.

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Brand Identity

Your logo, colours, and tagline alone do not make up your brand. It’s everything customers encounter when they come into contact with your business. Your website’s writing style, font choice, and image aesthetic are all examples of branding, which is crucial for establishing customer trust and credibility.

Before establishing or rebuilding your website, you should develop a clear brand identity that will determine all design aspects, including fonts and type, writing, photos, and taglines.

Kickstart Your Web Development With An Expert

Numerous golf clubs now understand the importance of enhancing their digital marketing. It helps build brand awareness and, eventually, sales and revenue.

A solid website will ensure prospective members and customers are aware of your golf club, and periodically reminding them of it via various media will help you grow.

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In 2022, a website will typically cost between $3,000 and $300,000 to create. Depending on the intricacy of the website development, a small business or informational website (8-16 pages) will typically cost between $3,000 and $8,000 to develop. If you want to learn about Pearl Lemon Web’s pricing, call us today, and we’ll give you a quote!

After looking at both development schedules, a simple website with content can be completed in about a month, but more involved projects might take longer. Each stage, from early preparation to launch, may take more or less time. The function and complexity of a site are important considerations.

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