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Art and design–it has been constantly up for debate whether the two constitute the same meaning, is one under the scope of the other?

You can draw the line and argue all you want, but the issue at hand would be that these two are too related to separate. 

An artist’s ability to effectively use their internet presence and design a website good enough to do so goes a long way toward establishing their brand and showcasing their art.

And especially in this day and age when having an online presence does you all good and potentially no harm, it is more important than ever to employ both–art as your product and design as your tool. 

You might be good at both, or you might not. Either way, it is always more advisable to outsource a web designer for many valid reasons. 

One reason, and maybe the most valid, is that an artist is better yet than just worrying about being an artist. 

Don’t bother yourself with the hassle of web design and marketing strategies. 

Let us do that for you here at Pearl Lemon Web.

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Why Should I Bother About Web Design?

Gone are the days when art is explicitly viewed and discovered through art galleries, museums, written manuscripts chosen by publishers, and other exclusive media available only to the few. 

These days, there is no longer a barrier between art and the masses. 

And since the internet is now a place accessible to all, it is and must be the primary platform for your art. 

You can let your art be heard, discovered, and shine through others as long as you have an online presence, a platform where people can find your art and press like or heart to show support. 

This platform, which is, hopefully, a website of your own, is often what your viewers see first about you. And whether you like it or not, you must adapt to technology. Try your best to know its ins and outs for you and your art’s sake. 

When Can I Start?

Honestly, no pressure, man, start whenever you want. 

However, it would be terrific if you could start as soon as possible and here are some reasons why:

1. Website names are limited

As shallow as it sounds, you might need to start working on that website as soon as possible if you don't want to be left with all the ugly website names and domains. Some people who are more opportunistic than others have also started purchasing domain names for hundreds and selling them for thousands of dollars. If you don't want to go through that scam, you better start now.

2. Older websites usually appear at the top of searches

For your information, many other factors influence your placement on search engines, and the website's age is just one of those. Now, this is a new topic of its own, but in a nutshell, older websites are more likely to be genuine sites. Start your online presence now and build your site so you can begin building your website's authority with Google.

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3. People are doing online shopping now more than ever

It seemed like a trend because many artists have made their online presence and online portfolios during the pandemic. Be it the boredom or the sudden "itch" to work, we know it is the season for art portfolios. And that given the amount of art commercialised online are faced with the number of people who purchase these arts for their agenda.

4. You do not have to wait to be successful

These days, even young people are grinding for their success. Your age and current circumstances shouldn't hinder you from becoming a successful artist. Gather up your courage and let the world know of your art. You know you want to.

Why Pearl Lemon Web?

Assuming you’re convinced, we’ll go on to the following question, which is why you should choose us first. Fortunately, this is a shorter and less complicated list to produce.

1. We're a team with a comprehensive range of services

We make use of cutting-edge technology to create websites that are unique and stand out from the competition. Our expert developers can design and construct new websites and revamp & update current ones. From site design to administration, our professional developers can help you establish a connection with your target audience.

2. We come up with creative solutions

We recognise that every customer that comes to us is unique in their own right. Our team of designers will create websites in the style most appropriate for your company's voice. We try to offer engaging and user-friendly solutions every day and bring new ideas to the table daily.

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3. We are a team of professionals and experts

When you work with Pearl Lemon Web, you partner with a group of developers dedicated to surpassing their clients' expectations. To complete our assignments, we combine skill, quickness, and innovation. Whatever your objectives are for your interior design website , we have the proper skills to create a website tailored to your brand's needs.

4. We put the needs of our clients first

At Pearl Lemon Web, we place high importance on customer happiness. We take the time to get to know each client's business strategy and to build long-lasting connections. To avoid keeping you in the dark about what is going on, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop successful websites that provide a seamless consumer user experience. With "you" in mind, we design and construct your website.


The short answer is no. Sure, it is encouraged to share material on numerous social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter. These can be useful for marketing your work, finding people who share your interests, obtaining feedback, and reaching out to others through expanded social networks, among other things. 

It can be helpful to be an active member of some of these sites, and membership in some of these sites may even be a critical component of your overall online strategy; nonetheless, these sites should complement rather than replace your own website. 

They should not be considered a substitute for your website but a marketing outpost to bring people to it.

Yes, we make every effort to keep things as easy as we possibly can. We will provide you with all of the training you require to manage your site once we have finished, and we will always be available to answer any queries you may have.

That depends on what you prefer. If you have in-house copywriters, we will be pleased to communicate with them on your behalf. If you don’t have any existing content, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled online copywriters that we may call upon to generate fresh material for you.

There is no “one size fits all” price basis for us. A website design’s cost is determined by the specifications and other requirements on the projects you may require of us. 

Pearl Lemon Web is a team that specialises in developing one-of-a-kind websites for companies and individuals like you. And as web design is an art in and of itself, we believe that all websites we make are unique.

Your demands and specifications will be thoroughly evaluated and analysed to provide you with a price for our service. Nothing would be constant, but here’s what we can promise: The price would be incredibly competitive and more reasonably priced compared to the competition.

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