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Web design, like photography, is an art. 

However, unlike the other, web design doesn’t deal with F-stops, balancing empty spaces, rule of thirds, and whatnot. Instead, it deals with user experience, calls to action, and website navigation. 

Well, you might be wondering, what the hell are they saying?

My point is, that web design and photography are two different art. You may be good at the one while being completely boo-booed the fool on the other.

But while not being good at web design won’t affect your exceptional skills in photography, it most certainly affects your website design and all its glory.

And at this day and age, we all know how important it is to have a good website design. 

Websites are photographers’ gateway towards new clients and, consequently more revenue. Having a subpar website would not only close that gateway, it would also make you miss opportunities for brand visibility and brand awareness. That is, being seen by your market and being known by them.  So while you’re good at photography, capturing the best pictures in the best possible angles and timing, you need to connect with the best possible web designers for your site.  Lucky for you, they’re just around. Give them a call. 
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The Importance Of Web Design

To succeed in the photography market, a well-designed and efficient website is a need, not an option. It’s more than just an online brochure for your business when it comes to your photography website. 

Prospects will give you more consideration when choosing a photographer for their space if your website contains several photographs demonstrating your work.

The truth is, that photographers are born with a good eye. They know how to pick the correct mood, and they have an eye for what looks well and what doesn’t. 

Even still, when it comes to the look of their websites, a lot of these companies fall short. 

Or, perhaps, they have a clear idea of what they want their websites to look like but lack the ability to make it happen.

And if your website appears sloppy and unprofessional, your potential customers will doubt your credibility and go on to a rival.

First impressions are crucial and should not be taken lightly. Websites often serve as the first point of contact for new customers. When someone visits your website, they assume a lot about your company based only on what they see. 

If a website is poorly designed, people will depart in roughly 15 seconds, but if it is well-designed, they will stay for up to two minutes.


What To Look For In Choosing A Web Design Agency

So, just a quick recap– you are an exceptional photographer that needs help with your website design. 

It is highly recommended to outsource a web designing agency rather than doing it yourself, as this might just be a waste of resources and efforts while still coming up with a subpar website. 

Now you’d ask, then who do I go to? How do I know what web designing agency to choose?

We have compiled a list of considerations that you may base from. 

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Showcases your photography

In working with web designing agencies, you will usually be given design proposals and mock-ups before building the actual website.

From these, you may check which web designing agency highlights your photography- your most significant selling point, in the best way possible.

Easily accessible and manoeuvrable

A good web design agency won't make you dependent on them to manage your site. They'd make you get help from them so you could learn to manage your site yourself.

It would be best if you chose an agency that designs a website that even you, someone who isn't an expert in web design, could use.

Help you gain more clients

Outsourcing a web design agency is, in its essence, partnering with them for business.

And this part is of utmost importance as this is your goal after all. They should be able to help you gain more clients through web design as they're more knowledgeable about maximising user experience, website navigation, user engagement and all the nitty-gritty of web design.

Provide an affordable and scalable quality website

You don't have to pay too much for a high-quality web design. And while the concept of "too much" is subjective, as an artist, you'd know when something is overpriced.

Go for a web design agency that has competitive and fair pricing.

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Why Pearl Lemon Web

Our team of experienced web developers, capable of generating sturdy, dynamic, and user-friendly websites, can build your photography website that optimises your shots and art to be marketable.  Using our user-friendly features, you’ll be able to attract and convert more prospects and leads. Our talented web developers and designers will create a photography website that will raise your company’s profile on the internet and help you grow your business. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? If so, read on. Get in touch.


Because we work closely with clients from the beginning to the end of the web design process, it’s unlikely that any of these issues would develop. Because you’ll be involved every step of the way, the end outcome should be something you’re proud of.

It begins when a client sets up a time to talk with one of our web designers about their business’s specific needs and goals.

From there, we’ll make suggestions and proposals, which we’ll send you so you can see how we plan to help you with this project. You can also check out our style and decide how you want us to help your site.

Once the proposal and suggestions are made and approved, we’ll build your site while you do what you do best: focus on your photography.

In addition to site design, the Pearl Lemon Group has a proven track record of generating leads for our clients through a variety of marketing techniques. As part of our commitment to providing the greatest quality of service possible, we deploy highly-strategic approaches in conjunction with our top-tier resources.


For additional information on this, please see our website.

We don’t believe there is a single correct answer to this question. A website design project’s cost is determined by the specific requirements of the project being undertaken. 

Creating a website is an art form in and of itself; no two websites are alike in any way. The Pearl Lemon Web team specialises in developing one-of-a-kind websites for companies like yours. 

Your requirements will be thoroughly analysed, and a quote will be produced in accordance with the findings. One thing we can guarantee is that it will be incredibly competitive and reasonably priced in comparison to the competition.

Three to eight weeks are usually enough time for smaller projects. In contrast, larger enterprise-level websites can take between three and eight months to develop.

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