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While it’s possible for your company to succeed without having a website, doing so considerably boosts your chances of success– especially if you’re a startup. If you need a startup website that is unique yet user-friendly, Pearl Lemon Web can help you with that! With extensive experience in web development services, our team of experts works tirelessly to achieve a seamless website design outcome. We will ensure that your new website has excellent functionality and aesthetics. If you are interested in software development, give us a call to learn more about our startup website design! 

Why Do Startups Need a Website?

Why is a website crucial for every startup? The main reason is that the business environment has altered in modern times. Dissemination of information is currently more effective than it was. Businesses had to open a brick-and-mortar store and invest in print and TV advertising which is not the case today. Currently, the emphasis has shifted to Internet marketing and branding.

To know better why startups need a website, we listed some of the reasons.

Your Competitors Have Websites

Let’s accept that everything revolves online as we enter the digitalised world, so if you are a startup and decide not to develop a website, you choose to play an analogue role in the digital world. Even if you want to play the ostrich and immerse yourself neck-deep in physical stores, your rivals who have websites will benefit from the digitalisation wave.  Your startup not having a website gives your competitors a free pass to scale more than you, regardless of how clumsy and poorly designed their website is. So select a capable web development partner like Pearl Lemon Web and get things started!
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Your Website Promotes You 24/7

Uninterrupted company operations are one of the advantages of having a website. In the past, operating a business round the clock(24/7) was impossible. Why? Because enterprises in the past required more physical labour. Sales and income came from the workers’ actual hands; without physical labour, there would be no firm. People in business have to make sure that their workers/employees would be there. The entire business activity could suffer losses if this were not the case. However, for several years now, the regulations have changed. The diverse business sectors slowly embraced a new business system when the Internet was first invented not too long ago. Digital marketing is widely used.  This procedure involves conducting commerce on the Internet. For their respective businesses to function and maximise their full potential, entrepreneurs require online venues like websites. No company should conduct business without a digital presence. The ability to manage your business even without hiring any workers is another benefit of having a website. Your firm will continue to operate without a hitch as long as it is set up this way, even if you take a vacation.  When you have a business website, you can potentially save money, time, and effort. Your website acts as your ever-available business template, even when you are asleep or taking a break during the holiday season. 

Let Everyone Know About You

Consider that your startup is new to the market and that a potential client is looking for web design and development services in your location. How will the prospect learn about you and your company? 

Marketing your company online will always put you ahead of traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. Using SEO marketing, social media marketing, etc., is possible. When compared to traditional marketing strategies, it also results in cost savings. Additionally, frequent and new clients interacting digitally strengthens their influence online, enhancing business functionality around the clock.

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Increases Customer Satisfaction

If you need more leads and clients, choosing your marketing methods online is the best option. Your website makes buying something from you or using a service simple. Many people won’t buy immediately; instead, they will just look at your offer. It is better if they do not need to inquire. 

They can discover it in your online store, and if it fulfils their needs, they will become your clients. As a website spreads your brand internationally rather than just locally, you get more customers, which means you get more popularity.

Increase Brand Awareness

With the average adult’s attention span falling from 12 to an alarming 8 seconds, website development makes it possible to communicate your company’s mission statement, values, and broad goals without your audience having to read any text. This is crucial in today’s society. In other words, your website can be mainly designed from the start to increase brand awareness, which can then increase CRO (conversion rate optimisation)

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Benefits Of Having Us For Your Startup Web Development Project

As a leading web development agency in London, working with Pearl Lemon Web gives you several advantages aside from having a unique and beautiful web design (which is obvious). This is what you will get when you hire our team of designers: 

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Save Money

Hiring a web development company is your best option if you want to reduce costs in the corporate budget. If you employ an internal development team, you automatically agree to cover their paid time off, sick leave, and other expenses. You are also responsible for paying taxes, renting a place big enough to fit the entire crew, and providing snacks, coffee, and much more. When you add up all these elements, you get a respectable sum. So why spend more money when hiring the services of web development businesses that may save you so much?

Enjoy A Good Quality Website

Statistics show that 75% of customers say they judge a company’s dependability based on the layout of its website. At Pearl Lemon Web, we design quality websites that reflect your level of expertise. 

Boost Your Online Presence

A well-designed, flexible website enables you to reach a larger audience and draw in new and recurring customers as more consumers shop online. A website is a fantastic platform for connecting with customers and enhancing the customer experience through online offerings. To help you build your business online, Pearl Lemon Web can build cutting-edge website designs that are speed and performance optimised.

You can translate and execute visually appealing websites created for an engaging user experience. From product development to launch, Pearl Lemon Web gives you access to UI/UX knowledge that your local tech resource might not have.

Website Maintenance Packages For Better Customer Experience
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Promotion On Your Behalf

As a full-service marketing team, we can launch your new website and give it the stunning online presence you’re looking for. We also offer SEO, lead generation, and many other digital marketing services to enhance your strategy and your startup company’s overall brand, regardless of whether you’re an ecommerce store, brick-and-mortar business, or service provider of any kind. 

Our web developers can create the web pages that your company needs to reach, inform, and convert your target audience.

Enjoy An Optimised Website

For your website to rank well in search engines, it must be SEO-optimized. A website can be optimised using a variety of methods. For example, SEMrush and Moz are two platforms for SEO website optimisation. But occasionally, it can be perplexing and don’t forget that accuracy is essential in this situation. Therefore, hiring Pearl Lemon Web for optimisation will be a fantastic option.

Creating high-quality content is crucial for increasing your website’s and company’s visibility in the market. It will be beneficial for your website to rank higher if visitors find your content useful and return to read more or share it with others on social media. 

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Start Your Web Development Journey With Us!

In our modern world, where customers search for companies online and base their dependability online, websites have become more crucial for businesses and startups than ever. Though you can DIY your website development, it can sometimes be overwhelming that the best choice for you is to seek help from a professional.

Good thing you have Pearl Lemon Web to help you. From crafting a bespoke website to helping optimise your website to help you rank better on search results, we have the best team you can rely on.

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