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What is a Software Development Consultant?

A software development consultant will provide services before, during, and after a project. The consultant will focus on application development and technology selection to improve your website.

How can a Software Development Consultant help your brand?

Our software development consulting service will provide three significant benefits:

Help with recovery

Provide fast solutions

Long-lasting solutions

How can Pearl Lemon’s Software Development Consulting Services help your brand?

We can help get you started!

It can be challenging trying to get started. It takes time, and there are so many areas that are often forgotten. If you hire a software development consultant before the project, we can help with the technology selection, application development, and market research.

We can strengthen your website in the very beginning to avoid future problems. By spending the time to build a strong foundation, you will have more time for growth.  If you face a problem, our team is here to help you put out the fire. 

Our consultants have many past experiences and are knowledgeable about what technologies have worked.  We will also be able to identify which technologies will be the best one for you. The same can be said for the application shape, character, and format. 

We will also be able to provide more market research to give an idea of how well the project will perform.

Effective solution

At Pearl Lemon, we want to provide effective and long-lasting solutions. We don’t want to waste your time and hard work by guessing what will work. Our team has experienced which solutions work best according to the company and problem. 

With our past knowledge and experience, we will provide solutions that are the best fit for your company. We aim to provide a solution that not only solves a problem but makes your software stronger. 

Open Communication

Our team enjoys open communication and can touch base with your team as much as you need. If there is a level of communication you prefer, then our team can set it up. We can inform you of every problem we face, a proposed solution, and when a solution is implemented. 

Schedule with us how often you want to be updated, and you will always be in the loop. You trust us with your hard work, so we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Review Technical Quality

As a software development consultant, we will specifically look at the software and technical quality. Then, we will run through a test to evaluate the technical design. Once our team has a good understanding of the software and technologies, it is easier to find the areas to improve. 

Our team’s focus is on technologies and software, but we specialise in other areas if needed.

Who needs a software development consultant?

Any company can use a software development consultant. They are trained to help companies identify problematic areas which allow your company to work more effectively. Consultants are for companies that need an extra set of eyes, need help recovering, or are looking to strengthen their software development.

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A Software Development Consultant will evaluate and address the problems in your software. Then, they will make strategic plans and propose solutions to improve your software. 

A Software Development Consultant will act as an advisor to recommend solutions and implement them if needed.

A software development consultant can be needed before, during or even after a project. Before the project, a consultant can recommend how to build a robust website. During and after the project, the consultant will identify problematic areas and provide long-lasting solutions. 

There’s no specific time when you need a software development consultant. If you have concerns or thinking about hiring one, then it might be the time.

Typically if you are experienced in software development, then you are less likely to hire a consultant. But a consultant is recommended for everyone because it is always good to have an extra pair of eyes. 

A software developer focuses explicitly on developing software. At the same time, a software development consultant is experienced in identifying problem areas or areas that can be improved.

A consultant is more of an advisor who can apply solutions independently or work with the software developer.

If you have concerns about your software or technologies, then it is time to consider a consultant. For example, if your website displays error messages, then a software development consultant is there to help.