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Recent years have seen a substantial expansion of digital financial services, particularly during and after the pandemic. According to research, the global mobile banking market is anticipated to reach $30 billion by 2026.

People use banking apps because they save time, eliminate the inconvenience of standing in long lines and lets them complete all transactions without ever leaving their homes. You must put a lot of effort into the design of your financial app if you want to encourage users to use it.

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However, knowing how to design your app and what strategies work best can be difficult. If you’re not very experienced, doing it alone and without guidance can be very stressful. Good thing you can trust Pearl Lemon Web with this matter.

Our designers have years of experience & expertise and can ensure that your app design serves its purpose well-allowing customers to track their finances well.

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Why Is Finance Mobile App Design Important?

When developing a financial app, you must pay great attention to the overall design. You must understand how to combine your branding, offer tools and resources that are simple to access, design an interface that all clients can use, and implement security measures to safeguard critical data. 

Additionally, several top financial applications emphasize fostering a peaceful environment and offering organizational support. It’s best to use financial services UI/UX Design because there are many things to consider.

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User experience and user interface design are abbreviated as UX/UI. This is frequently used in the banking and finance industries because it encourages the development of apps focused on customer participation.

UX finance services use the user’s perspective to assess how usable the app is for the typical customer. 

Apps have been demonstrated to be usable and low-stress if most people who use them have favourable experiences. The user interface design (UI) is more concerned with the details of the customer’s experience – the features, consistency across multiple monitors, etc. – and less with the customer’s mood.

UX/UI design has several advantages. One benefit is that it enables customers to quickly and easily access their financial accounts. Customers who have immediate access are reassured that they can get their money anytime, anywhere, which is comforting in case of an emergency or when they need to make a quick payment. 

The users also have quick access to all of their account information. Hosting their balances, most recent transactions, notifications, or any other relevant information can be done simply on the app’s home screen.

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Consider The Colors You Choose

In applications for money management, colours are important. Therefore, it would be best to use green, blue, and white colours to give your application a serious vibe. Naturally, you can also use vibrant colours, but only when necessary.

Make The User Flow Simple

The number of steps a user must take to access a feature or finish a task in your app is known as the user flow. Due in part to the complexity and volume of information involved in financial services, which are already sophisticated, it should be easy to use and seamless to prevent overwhelming users.

Establish a gradual structure with as few steps as possible, then follow it. To put it another way, if something can be done in three steps, don’t make it more difficult by adding another two. Always ask yourself if there is a simpler, safer way to complete the task at hand.

Friction is created when extra or unclear stages are added, which prevents users from completing a task. While adding an additional confirmatory step like payment confirmation, you should still aim to simplify it.

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Entrust Your App Design To Pearl Lemon Web

Most people need to use fintech apps in their daily lives. Numerous mobile applications exist to make managing finances easy, from simple tasks like sending money or keeping track of one’s budget to more complicated financial processes like investing in cryptocurrencies.

The days of frequent bank trips should be behind us, so managing one’s finances shouldn’t be difficult or frightening. However, difficult-to-use apps that are confusing, unintuitive, and difficult to navigate may be what prevents users from developing sound money management practices.

As a UI/UX designer, your job is to make these solutions as hospitable as possible and show your users that managing their money is not difficult.

But if you see this task overwhelming, it’s best to entrust it to Pearl Lemon Web.

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A financial “app” is software you download onto your mobile device to perform a particular financial task. There is an app for everything, from tracking monthly spending to quickly sending money to a child or grandchild to simply checking your most recent bank account balance.

This process takes 3-4 weeks for a simple app, 6-7 weeks for a medium-complex app, and 9-10 weeks for a more involved app design process involving multiple UI and UX experts.

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this issue, which many firms find difficult to answer. The breadth of the project, the degree of complexity required, and a few other factors may affect the price of designing a mobile app. Building a smartphone app, however, is thought to cost between $3000 and $30000. Give us a call today, and we’ll give you a specific quote.

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