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A mobile phone is a necessity of society nowadays. In fact, in busy urban areas like the city, you can hardly ever see someone not holding a mobile phone. It’s so commonly used that everyday lives can’t move on without holding a phone. That’s why  Pearl Lemon Web thinks it’s also one of the mediums you can use to reach out to your target market in the city.

Whether you’re a business located near the Biodome, beside Montreal’s Botanical Gardens, or simply situated at Jean-Talon Market– we can make an app that will present your goods and services to the people of Montreal.

Even 21% of millennials adamantly admit that they open 50+ apps daily.

So why not make your app one of them?

If you want to start making that app, book a call today.

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Why Invest In An App?

If you’re wondering why should you invest in an app– well, here’s why:

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Audience Reach

As you've seen in society today, almost everyone has a mobile phone. For that reason, we both know that it can broaden your target market for the business. It has been a proven fact that the internet is mainly accessed through mobile phones. If you decide to have your application, this tool shall increase your reach, which will gain more customers and even possible business partners.

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An additional benefit of having an application is that it can advertise your brand easily. By making your app available to the people, you are not only giving them the app, but you're also giving people the opportunity to know more about your business.

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Of course, when people use your app, you obviously will receive more engagements. Engagement will be your priority if you want your business to sell since no one would buy something they don't want or need at all. Once they can access your offers on the app, you'll have better engagements and interactions with your chosen target market.

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Customer Service

Aside from having more engagements, you will also have the chance to improve your customer service. When your customer service is top-notch on the app, you will have more customer relations. This means more credibility, loyalty, and recognition for your business. They can also have an easy time knowing you and your business since you will directly answer their questions.

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A well-designed, maintained, and consumer-focused mobile app helps to establish your business name and eliminates the need for classic advertising. When potential customers seek services and goods that your brand provides, your app will be downloaded from the app store. The more well-known your brand becomes, the more trustworthy it becomes, resulting in more clients purchasing your goods and services.


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Not yet convinced? Perhaps we can persuade you with the features we provide down below.
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Since mobile apps are digital to their core, your target market will be able to reach you no matter where they are or what they are doing with just one tap. Your customers will also remain in the loop for whatever updates you may have on the business, and this app will also make it easier for your business to hop on societal trends, whichever they may be

Montreal Mobile App Features

Here are some of the features that Pearl Lemon can provide for any app you may need:

Music Player

Allow your audience to listen to and purchase songs directly from your app. Many bands and musicians take charge of their careers and garner followers and album sales in only a few clicks.

GPS Directions

Turn-by-turn GPS instructions to your shop from anywhere in the globe so that it can lead your consumers directly to your door.

One-Touch Calling

From within your app, provide one-touch dialling to your consumers. There are no numbers to remember or store.

Share With People

Allow your consumers to work for you and help spread the word about your business using built-in sharing options such as email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.

Food Ordering

An app may put your cuisine at your customers’ fingertips by allowing them to place meal orders straight from the mobile app, which is ideal for all types of restaurants and coffee shops.

Shopping Cart

Bring your shop to your consumers, allowing them to purchase products with only a few clicks. They’ll feel more confident doing so since we develop apps with the most outstanding levels of security built-in.


Allow clients to schedule a mobile reservation to boost income for your company. Allow them to register from your app to make their experience more convenient.

News Feed

Engage your app’s users with a regularly updated news feed that includes material from your website, Twitter, Google News, Facebook, and other sources.

If you need more features attached to your app, let us know.

Digitally Adding Value

We know you’re constantly looking for new ways to reach out to your customers as a business.

And well, here it is.

Pearl Lemon Web offers a simple way of making apps and using technology in the palm of your hands.

We shall help you–whether you’re a startup or a big company– to add more value to your business online.

Our experts can make the best app for your brand and make you the best business in Montreal.

So what are you waiting for?


We wouldn’t know that unless we talk about it, right? Our experts can tell you upfront if your ideas are innovative and new to the market. Since they have been working in the industry for years, they can tell whether it’ll just be another app on the store or a hit.  If you don’t have any idea what you want on your app, we can always help you with that.

The primary users of your app shall be your target market. Pearl Lemon Web will ensure that people who use your app are the ones you want to buy from your business. We know that it’s essential to use your app to its fullest and that’s why we also make it possible to be a channel to advertise your business.

To better understand how frequent your app should be updated, assess what your customers have to say about the application. To stay on track with the newest technical developments, you should patch your app regularly. If you believe your update will improve your mobile app’s available features and functions, you can make enhancements at least four times a month.

Yes, it shall increase your revenue since more people will know your brand. It can also attract more people to patronise your business. Once your app is known far and wide, more and more people will be drawn to your brand which will lead to more revenue for your business.

Every app we build is customised to the business we’re working with. That’s why our services vary on a case-to-case basis, including the fees you’ll incur. Pearl Lemon Web understands the unique needs of each business. We do not offer a singular plan to every business. You can talk to our experts today and learn more about it.

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