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The Web has evolved into a destination for individuals looking for not just helpful or entertaining information but also goods and services that have actual worth only in the offline world. This is why real estate website development should now be viewed as a means of encouraging prospective clients to make purchasing decisions.

The influence of the internet on customers’ purchasing decisions grows each year. According to recent surveys, 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying, and 89% of consumers say they read reviews before buying products online. Home buyers are increasingly using the internet to identify real estate agents who meet their needs regarding real estate services.

Real estate agents and businesses have a chance to step up their digital marketing efforts and get more leads as a result of this trend.

Are you interested in a new website? Pearl Lemon Web is available to help.

With years of real estate website development experience and a track record of success, our team can build sleek, responsive websites that will help you project a professional image and increase your online presence in the real estate industry. 

To leave your customers with a positive impression, we design and construct award-winning websites for our clients, emphasising usability, style, and content.

The commercial real estate websites we create are unique, optimised for all mobile and tablet devices, and outfitted with a robust content management system (CMS), so you and your team can add, delete, or modify material as needed.

This implies that you always retain complete authority over managing your website and making changes as necessary.

Contact us to learn more if you’re ready to begin your web development journey.


The Benefits of Website Design For Real Estate Business!

Realtors have tried to get themselves into local publications by running classified advertising there for years. But as more and more businesses go online, it became apparent that having a website opens up more opportunities for a real estate business to expand and thrive.

Cutting through the internet’s clutter is more complicated than ever because there are so many websites, platforms, and channels available. Getting people’s attention is quite challenging.

But even though there are numerous platforms, this does not mean you must be active on each one. You will only get lost in the vast digital space. Your real estate website is the sole location (and only one) where you are not vying for anyone’s attention.

Here are more reasons why you should take real estate website development seriously:

Lead Generation.

You can receive assistance with attracting visitors to your website and collecting possible leads there. The goal is to drive enough traffic to deliver a sizeable enough clientele. For these outcomes to be satisfying, you must optimise your website.

Develop Your Expertise.

Real estate agents can be trusted only when they are skilled at managing their reputations. A website is a fantastic platform that you can completely control. Keep your attention on the task at hand and monitor any internet reviews. Develop credibility by being sincere and demonstrating your knowledge while sharing unique stuff on your website. You can also want to think about launching a blog. Use your website to the maximum; endorsements, honors, and awards are all beneficial for developing and preserving your reputatio

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Increase Brand Awareness

Every real estate agent is a brand, sending a certain message to their ideal clients. Therefore, a website is more than just an attractive brochure or profile page. Your website ought to be an effective tool for delivering that message with a dependable, unified design. Brand recognition eventually translates into local house buyers and sellers being aware of your existence. Participating in brand awareness events such as:

  • utilising advertising budgets for brands wisely
  • providing relevant, attention-grabbing information
  • establishing connections with the public and working with opinion leaders

Consistently Current Information.

Users of your real estate website should have access to details about the properties currently on the market and those sold in the neighbourhood. Real estate websites are the ones that provide great local information, and when combined with a good search engine, they are sure to draw a lot of traffic.


The closing of deals is the most crucial aspect of a realtor’s job, which involves handling all the paperwork, accompanying clients on trips to properties, assisting them with the staging and preparation of their homes for sale, and communicating with them via email after the sale, among other things. With a bespoke website that generates leads and is feature-rich, you can concentrate on these tasks and complete the primary responsibilities.

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What You Need To Know Before Starting YourWeb Real Estate Web Development

If you’re planning on developing a website, consider these things if you want your potential customers to have a positive user experience.

The three fundamental components are:

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Strong Seo

A real estate blog demonstrates your industry knowledge, but you should know that it is capable of much more. Over time, it might facilitate generating more leads. SEO can assist you in making your website more relevant and appealing to search engines. Partnering with SEO experts like ours who can create thorough advice on enhancing the visibility of your website in search engines via organic or algorithmic search results is a fantastic option. It gives you a shot at ranking high in Google’s algorithm.

Excellent Domain Name.

It’s crucial to get a good domain name for your website. You usually only make this choice once, so you had better get it right. Consider the following:

  • It should be brief, formal, and consistent with your brand.
  • Consider employing phrases related to the real estate sector.
  • Unless you already have a solid reputation, avoid using your own name.
  • Avoid using acronyms or other abbreviations.
  • Make sure the spelling is correct.
  • To prevent users from being diverted to other websites when seeking to reach you, purchase misspelt versions of your domain name.

Responsive Design And Simple Navigation.

A real estate website typically has so much information that it can be challenging to explore. If your website has a decent user experience, visitors won’t waste time figuring out how to navigate it. By including the following on your website, you can guarantee optimal functionality:

  • An address page
  • An “About Us” section
  • Users can navigate to any page from another page.
  • An aesthetically pleasing, educational, and engaging menu
  • An ideal viewing and interaction experience
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You Will Love It Here. Here's What Our Team Will Do For You

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Custom Website Design

Our design team has produced award website designs for our clients. We seek to raise the bar for real estate web design by creating cutting-edge commercial real estate websites with wonderful user experiences. Every website design project we work on is distinct and customised for your brand.

Responsive Web Development

We develop real estate websites that are responsive and optimised for mobile use across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). This means that no matter what device is used, whether a huge desktop monitor, tablet or mobile phone, your website will be fully adaptable and adapt to the size of the screen.


WordPress CMS Integration

All of our websites have a CMS (content management system) that enables you to maintain the content of your website and is built on the WordPress platform. You don’t need to be familiar with HTML or programming. To make changes to any section or piece of content on your website, anytime, anywhere, just log in to your dashboard. This implies that you can always add your own real estate listings, news articles, and team members whenever necessary.

Hosting, Assistance, And Technical Maintenance

We’ll take care of the technical details while you focus on running your business. For your peace of mind, we offer comprehensive continuous technical support, including website hosting, regular backups, and security upgrades. Additionally, we offer ongoing support, and our staff is ready to help you with any technical queries or problems you may be experiencing.

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Begin Your Journey With Us

Nowadays, every agent should think about real estate web development to assist and encourage business development. Building trust and starting to close more business and residential real estate deals are made easier with a personalised website. Pearl Lemon Web is a team of highly skilled software engineers who can create a high-converting website for your business. Please contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!  


Absolutely, yes. The Content Management System (CMS) for your website will be created with WordPress so that you or any staff member may access it and make changes at any time.


We move as quickly as you can give us feedback. Depending on the complexity, site size, and how quickly we can receive feedback, most of our websites take 4–8 weeks to design and create.

The total hours required to design and construct your needs will determine the overall marketing expenditure you will need to make for a new real estate website. Contact us for a free quote (no obligation).

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