At Pearl Lemon Web, we specialize in custom mobile and web app design and development.  Whether you’re looking at improving your existing business processes with efficient client communication or launching a developed business idea, our team of experts can design native mobile apps for major operating systems, including Android and IOS. Our team of in-house designers will employ the latest UX practices to ensure that we deliver a quality solution with streamlined usability and captivating designs and ensure that your mobile strategy is at the forefront of your business. It’s time to go against top competitors in Kent like Givauden, Waitrose,The Access Group, and Megger. Jump ahead and have Pearl Lemon Web help with your app development.
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Mobile & Web App Development Tailored To Your Business Needs.

With the continuous growth in mobile device usage, mobile app development is in high demand, so is finding a reliable app development company.

A good quality IOS, Android, or web app is an excellent way of providing your customers with extra value while bridging the gap between them and your brand.

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Pearl Lemon Web creates business apps and websites for brands in Kent and across the UK, in addition to transforming your ideas into great digital products.

We can design bespoke apps for mobile devices that connect seamlessly with your audience, office systems, and even your off site workers.

Not forgetting the 1.14 billion tablets users worldwide, of which the number has grown about 36% over the past six years. Studies still show that an average person checks their phone every 12 minutes and that 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.

People use their phones at work, at home, while eating, on the street, in the bed, and even in their cars. You are probably reading this from your mobile device or tablet right now.

The undeniable truth is that app usage and smartphone penetration are steadily growing without any signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

custom mobile and web app design and development
Beautiful Mobile App Design And User Experience.
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Beautiful Mobile App Design And User Experience.

At Pearl Lemon Web, we understand the importance of having an app from the commercial aspect. Technology has evolved so much, smartphones are now a crucial part of our daily lives, so it’s hardly any surprise that the popularity of apps has increased.

We take time to understand your target market and research your customer wants and needs.

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As an app development agency in Kent servicing the globe, we believe that an outstanding app design will make your smartphone app look and feel beautiful, in addition to creating an intuitive user experience for your users.

We provide top mobile app development and use the latest cutting-edge technologies to build iOS, Android, and PWA applications.

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Our Mobile App Development Services In Kent.

app development agency in Kent

Mobile apps

Our in-house team of designers and developers delivers award-winning apps for mobiles and tablets. Pearl Lemon Web can design native apps for iPhone, Android, or mobile web apps across various business sectors.
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We plan, design, develop and deliver websites fit for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We work with businesses, brands, and agencies to deliver successful digital solutions across several industry sectors.

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The digital world moves fast, and we move with it. At Pearl Lemon Web, we ensure that our clients are well placed to take advantage of this ever-changing landscape through clear, helpful, and thoughtful strategic digital marketing advice.

Our services cover the entire mobile ecosystem.

Our expertise is not only in building apps; we also cover wearable technology and all back-end infrastructure to make your business idea a great success.

Innovative, Unique Mobile Tablet And Web App Solutions For Android And IOS.

Most of our business activities are now tied to technology. Even when a prospect is in the comfort of their flat in Canterbury or probably relaxing at Victoria Park, they will be browsing the internet and looking through apps to keep themselves preoccupied.

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Businesses that look into a mature technology, including app development, will succeed in the economic uncertainties that might arise. 


Flexibility is critical for any business owner if they want to develop. Identifying areas in your business that need change is the first step towards working smarter.


Even then, mobile apps do not work in isolation. You will need a web-based portal to manage your system and use the data it generates. It’s rare to find an off-the-shelf system to do this. That’s why Pearl Lemon Web is here to help you take over that work.

Better still, you can run a mobile app on your phone. It can push tasks using an adaptable web portal, accessible from anywhere with vital information readily available without waiting for end-of-day progress reports and paperwork.

After you have data, the opportunities to identify new tips to enhance your business are tremendous.

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App technology can reveal new ways to grow and identify those areas of the business that are underperforming.  

It could be the current pandemic or technological changes; one thing is clear, businesses are headed for a different route in the coming months or years. We can help your business and app become as well known as the Canterbury Cathedral.

Why go Mobile?

App downloads are increasing with each passing year. There have been more than 204 billion app downloads in 2021 alone, and the number is still growing.


Being on Mobile is no longer an option for businesses. Mobile apps allow businesses to:


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Create more personalized experiences.

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Communicate via notifications.

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Make use of device functions, including camera, GPS, phone calls, and more.

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Be offline and still carry out business.

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Reach consumers more frequently and conveniently.

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Offer a quicker and seamless user experience.

Pearl Lemon Web’s app development experts will help you from concept to information structure and UI design to the end of implementation. We deliver bespoke mobile apps in Kent and worldwide. On spec, on time, and on budget.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Web?

Our team of growth-driven web design and development experts at Pearl Lemon Web will put together a bespoke mobile app marketing strategy in line with the goals and visions you have for your app’s success! It’s worth mentioning that the most common way people discover apps is via searching through app stores. The higher your app ranks in the search results, the more likely it is to be downloaded. Let’s talk about your app marketing goals!
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We are a globally remote team connected by cloud technology and a passion for all things web design and SEO realated. Infact, we are the only web design agency that was founded from an SEO agency, so every change we make is SEO in mind. With 25+ years of experience between us, we’ve got a track record of getting RESULTS for our clients. 

We’ve won the following awards so far…Best SEO Agency 2020 by “SME News,” Top 20 Marketing Agency by “Agency Spotter.”

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Custom App Design Tailored To Fit Your Market In Kent.

We will use our design skills and knowledge of user interface to build apps that will propel your business to the next level with edgy mobile solutions, ensuring that all platforms are catered for.

We will develop your business apps around devices you already use so you won’t have to invest in new handsets.

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We Are Passionate, Curious, And Innovative.

As an app development agency in Kent, we do client service work by combining app development with beautiful mobile app design. We launch our products and collaborate with partners to create great digital experiences for your online communities in Kent and beyond.

There are so many reasons you should have an app for your business, and the emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has made it even easier to reach your target audience.

Various statistics have shown that in 2019 more than 204 billion apps were downloaded, and more than $120 billion is spent on apps, subscriptions, and other in-app purchases as of 2021.

Our mobile apps and website are helping businesses grow. Book a call and talk to our experts about your project.


Here are some of the top frameworks for mobile app development, along with their unique offerings: 

  • Swiftic – great for mobile store and loyalty programs with in-app coupons and customer engagement features
  • NativeScript – APIs and Javascript capabilities allow you to create mobile apps with greater functionality and engagement
  • React Native – Low-code solution allows you to create apps with one language and compatible third-party plugins.
  • Xamarin – Versatile backend capabilities coupled with diagnostic tools and a Google emulator manager

Ionic – Build cross-platform, hybrid, and progressive web applications with intuitive UI components

The cost of hiring our app development team to build an app for you will depend mainly on which services you’re hoping to gain and what the requirements of your app will cost our team in person-hours and expenses. To find out the cost of hiring our app development team and what services we can provide, contact us by submitting a form here.

Here are some of the benefits you get from working with a mobile app development company like Pearl Lemon Web

  • Saving time and money – For those just starting a business or working on propelling a big idea forward, app development is necessary to bring your brand in front of as many customers as possible. However, going through the work of app development yourself can be a costly and time-wasting process. Outsourcing this responsibility to an app development agency frees you of this responsibility and commitment and allows you to focus on the big ideas that will propel your company forward. 
  • A beautiful product – Even after spending all the time and money on app development, getting all the functionality and features you want for your app can still be challenging. A mobile app development agency takes the orders you give to us and acts accordingly to those instructions, creating a sleek, well-performing app worthy of your brand name and logo. 

Digital marketing services – Even after you build the app, the process is far from over. Getting your app out into the relevant app stores and having them perform well against the competition is another crucial process step. A mobile app developer like Pearl Lemon Web offers digital marketing services to ensure your app and brand name get in front of as many eyes as possible.

Absolutely! For those startups and businesses who are trying to prioritise app development among a whole heap of responsibilities, hiring a mobile app development company will free up the time and responsibility that developing a high-performing app can take. With a mobile app development company on your side, you can rest assured that the responsibilities of app creation and development are in the hands of professionals who can bring your company whatever features, UI, and digital experiences it wishes.

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