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One of the essential components in developing every country is non-profit organisations. One cannot disregard their support for disadvantaged people in education, health, nutrition, and shelter. 

These charitable organisations seek to provide people less fortunate with necessities for everyday living. The world is evolving and becoming a better place thanks to the work of charitable organisations.


However, despite their admirable goals, non-profit organisations are still businesses at their core. It’s just that they have a different mission and operating philosophy. So, at the end of the day, they must generate revenue to succeed and continue operating. 

Luckily, a new channel can be used to communicate with generous donors and volunteers on their behalf. This channel is what we call a mobile app.

Yes, a mobile app– and we’re not talking about an app that looks like social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok). We’re talking about an app customising your nonprofit organisation’s needs and goals.

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The Need For A Mobile App

Think of it this way: a donor is busy with other businesses and can’t find time to deposit their donations in the bank. So they just set that appointment for a later date, and the donation you expect is long due now.

However, suppose you have an app they can directly use to transfer donations into your account. In that case, it will be more convenient for them and valuable for you as that money will come in just in time for paying endeavours for charity.


Aside from that, you can also contact volunteers quickly if you have an app that connects all of these people in one place. A dedicated mobile app with a community feature to engage with all the people who want to help you. You can post announcements, chat with them, and assign them tasks if needed through a tailored app for you.

Other benefits you can get from a mobile app are:

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Confident In Their Donations

When a non-profit offers online donations, your application simplifies individuals to acquire information, boosting member and new user confidence. You can show them receipts of the transaction, transparency reports of the donations made, announcements on where the money was used, and so on.

It can directly tell them what you’re up to and what you’ve been doing on their behalf.

Encourage Community

Making all members feel they are positively impacting society is the fundamental tenet of any nonprofit organisation. 

Making contributors feel like a part of the organisation through an app encourages them to participate in a monthly giving programme. For instance, a contributor with interest in conservation could join a nonprofit organisation and contribute by offering suggestions for conservation. 

The software offers a unique method for maintaining contact with the relevant projects, providing help, and connecting with scholars.


Boost Your Fundraising

Fundraising is a crucial activity for non-profit organisations. It aids in continuing operations and is relevant to society. Developing your app is much more convenient in this matter because other third-party channels have severe restrictions on these kinds of activities.

Additionally, you may configure your app with a protected payment gateway so users can securely make donations and payments through the app or other channels like credit and debit cards, PayPal, or Venmo.

Establish Credibility

Non-profit organisations can quickly spread awareness of their cause and message using mobile applications.  Mobile apps with many downloads, excellent ratings, and positive comments make it much simpler for potential contributors and customers to believe in nonprofits. 

When other people see that your app is doing well and helping more people, as a result, others will be inclined to use it and know your organisation as well.

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mobile app development in Kent

Mobile App Development For Nonprofits

Here at Pearl Lemon Web, we have a list of mobile app development services that can surely help you with every step your organisation may take:

IOS App Development

The iOS platform is the best platform for nonprofits targeting Western audiences since iPhones and iPads still dominate the market there. Our experts suggest building an iOS-based app first, then following it with an Android app next.

Our developers will guarantee that your mobile app can be scalable in any form of Apple device and will be user-friendly for the market you desire to tap on.

Android App Development

However, if you need to touch on markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America– we recommend you go first with Android-based systems. This is because they are particularly adept at using Android phones. In fact, this operating system has 85% of the market share in specific countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam. Here at Pearl Lemon Web, we don’t just build an android app– we make the most optimised app for Android users so they can enjoy your app on any Android phone they use.
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Hybrid App Development

With hybrid apps, a single codebase can be used to develop apps for both iOS and Android devices. Our development team uses different frameworks that can be accessed from the HTML5 code. We choose this method to access some native features of a phone, even though the development language is HTML5. Even if your app is hybrid, it will work perfectly fine on iOS and Android system interfaces. We bet our lives on that.

Mobile App For Volunteers

Supporter engagement can be rapidly increased by an app that enables volunteers to find local fundraising events and participate in them.

Using social media for apps that target volunteers has proven to be very beneficial for non-profits. With this app, you can encourage supporters to share their fundraising activities with their social networks, enhancing visibility and promoting the cause on your behalf.

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There is always room for growth, even if things are going well. A mobile app makes it simpler to find donors and volunteers. The app store allows users to find your nonprofit organisation even if they weren’t aware of it.

They just need to type in the name of your app or any keyword related to your app, and voila– your app will appear in front of them in the app store.

Support And Maintenance

As soon as your app is submitted and listed in an app store, you will need constant maintenance and support to keep it performing at its best. Maintaining your app is our speciality, and we can keep it running smoothly with our support and maintenance services You can choose from various levels of support with varying Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and needs. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for from these selections, you can try asking our experts what else they can do to help.
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Partner With Pearl Lemon Web

The tsunami of digitisation is continually gaining momentum. It boosts competition while creating fantastic opportunities for every industry.  Because of this, many are adopting mobile strategies essential to get around constraints and keep up with technological trends.  If you also want to keep up, start by updating your NGOs’ websites & apps and create a fundraising app.  With a team that helps you develop an easy-to-use yet dynamic app, Pearl Lemon Web aims to give charitable organisations such as yours a fantastic opportunity in the digital market. Allow us to devise the best creative solutions to your requirements. Book a call with us and get your nonprofit organisation app started.
Here at Pearl Lemon Web, we can create an app tailored to your organisation. You can add features that will make processes faster and more convenient for you. Need a more systematic way of donations coming in? You can have it in a mobile app. Want an interactive platform to communicate with your volunteers? It’s possible with an application. A software that can connect you with people who are in need? An app can do that for you. So you see, there are many reasons why you should get an app. All there’s left to do is work with a mobile app development company to start on it. We’re here for you. Contact us for your mobile development needs.
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Donor Non-Profit App

Donations could be dramatically improved by digitising them. A mobile app facilitating digital donations will engage a new generation of donors who prefer to use their smartphones for payments and other tasks. Also, the mobile app will show donors exactly where their money is going, thus bridging the information gap between donors and recipients. 

More people are inclined to use something convenient for them, and when you present this convenient process of being able to help– they’ll do it. 


An effective software combines user- and business-centric components. It adds business value, offers people a wonderful experience, and delivers excellent performance. It also promotes user retention and creates income for businesses.

Businesses may communicate directly with their donors and volunteers through mobile apps, creating a seamless and lasting connection. It can pave the way for fostering loyalty and further dedication to your cause.

Mobile apps are so popular because they offer convenience and networks. These little mobile phone applications give a user the ability to handle everything on a single device at the comfort of where they are. Wouldn’t you use something convenient for you?

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