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Pearl Lemon Web is an API development company providing top-quality API development and API integration services for over 25 years. We can build cloud-based backends with REST APIs to allow your customers to access your products on any device from anywhere in the world.
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Whether you are using a single web app, iOS, or Android apps, you need APIs to allow clients on each app to communicate with your cloud-based backend app.

We build UI (user interface) to fetch data stored on your clouds and update data fields entered by users via APIs. We can develop modern web apps with API development services and custom API development services. Our expertise lies in creating REST APIs and delivering JSON responses, enabling quicker integration and enhancing user experience.

If you are looking at:

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Creating microservices for a new or existing product

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Building a new product that requires a custom backend with REST APIs

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Adding public platforms to your platform

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Integrating your product with third-party APIs

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Designing and implementing a scalable API architecture

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Modernizing your legacy APIs

Pearl Lemon Web is the right development company for you. Talk to our professionals to forge a way to help implement microservices that will meet your performance and efficiency goals.
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API Development Services That Will Scale Your Performance


Private API Development Services

We build private APIs for all projects we work on, and yours will not be an exception. We can build APIs for your first version product, private APIs for your company, and are only used by your web and mobile apps. As a custom API development company, we specialize in creating tailored APIs to meet your specific business needs. Our expertise extends to integrating APIs in mobile application development, ensuring seamless communication between your app and backend systems.

Whether you want to increase your development team’s velocity or add new capabilities to your software product, Pearl Lemon Web can help you build private APIs to power all of your client applications.


Public API Development Services

Public APIs can open up new growth opportunities and revenue streams for your software products. We can help you create standalone APIs as a service, or we can add public APIs to your existing product to provide value to your partners and customers alike.

Our developers are more than prepared to increase the value chain of your external APIs, define the functionality and data your APIs express while creating a digital experience third-party developers will love. As an API integration development company, we specialize in seamlessly integrating APIs into your software ecosystem. Our expertise extends to providing PHP API development services, ensuring robust and efficient API solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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API Integration Services

All the products we build will integrate with various third-party APIs. We will integrate APIs from third-party apps and databases to help you enhance your products.

Our custom API will enhance your current off-the-shelf solutions to enable your software solutions to seamlessly interface with other devices, apps, and business systems. As a leading web API development company, we specialize in creating bespoke APIs that optimize connectivity and streamline data exchange across various platforms


Scalable API Architecture Design Services

Scalability is a necessity for modern applications, especially presently, where an application can go from relatively unknown to viral in hours. We can build REST APIs for applications with horizontally scaled cloud infrastructure to handle tens of thousands of requests per second.

Our development team can design an appropriate, robust, and long-term API architecture for your application.

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Legacy API Modernization Services

If your company has legacy applications that you want to connect to custom mobile apps and modern tools, Pearl Lemon Web can help you with that.

We can help you upgrade your SOAP web services to a REST API interface and transition your XML to a JSON data format. Our team of experienced developers will help you navigate the differences between your new and old systems.

Pearl Lemon Web API for Mobile App Development

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Web API development

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Pen API development or Private API development

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Cloud API development

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Third-party app integration(RESTful APIs)

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API proxy development or API Gateway development

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What is API?

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of certain protocols, specific standards, and tools, which a programmer uses to integrate different applications. APIs enable access to another app or platform.

Because of APIs, applications can interact with each other. The use of APIs simplifies programming and enhances user experience, increases the popularity of your application, and facilitates users’ control over different applications. Today, all advanced applications are being improved by specialized APIs.

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For example, when buying movie tickets online, you have to enter your credit card information. The movie ticket site will use an API to send your credit card information to a remote application that verifies your information. Once payment is confirmed, the remote application responds to the movie ticket Website, saying it’s OK to issue the tickets.


An API resembles a software as a Service (SaaS) since software developers will not start from scratch each time they write a program.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Web API Development Company?

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Our API specialists have extensive experience providing API development and integration services using C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP. They also have technical expertise in working with the most popular APIs such as Google, Yahoo, and Social Media APIs.
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Competitive costs

Our skilled and experienced API developers leverage the latest technologies and follow best practices, so our APIs are built secure and high-performance at relatively competitive costs.



We successfully build APIs of high performance and security for any industry suitable for your specific requirements. Our developers use the SOAP / REST API techniques to provide data processing in different programming languages.

The Benefits Of Using APIs For Businesses

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Top-quality experience

APIs aid in enriching app functionality, thus helping to improve an application’s user experience. Some API applications that businesses can use include data collection, personalization, plus integration.

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Innovative technologies

The invention of application architecture such as IoT devices, cloud services, and AI has made APIs become integral to any app development company.

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Reduced expenses and time to market

For companies, applying f an API-driven approach is to reduce the time for development, which helps speed up marketing in the long run.

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Improved customer service

APIs boost service provision to your customers. Some platforms now offer more than 100 different services available only through an API; you will provide more value to your customers by saving money and time on technical support costs.

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API Automates Your Business Processes

APIs can also help automate tasks, allowing you to spend less time handling technology. This is favorable if you manage sales manually or if you have many customers.

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Easy to combine into your code

APIs simplify work for developers to combine into their code because of a fast, hard that makes them faster and extra light to apply; providing less complicated solutions.

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Allows for extracellular and in-app integration

With the increase in smartphones and tablet usage, APIs permit different organizations to combine their services and content material into apps across various gadgets.

This way, your patron can access all information immediately through an internet site or app on their smartphone or tablet, without downloading separate apps and programs. All that is feasible if you rent API builders.

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Talk To US

At Pearl Lemon Web, we take time to understand your requirements in detail, and never rest until we achieve them. We have over 25 years of collective experience in digital marketing and web design, including Web Services  and API development. We have worked with several diverse clients, and our results speak for themselves.

 We have some of the best talents around, and for any development service you may need, we guarantee to tap into our diverse network of global developers to give you bespoke services.

Book a call with our API development experts and let us forge a way forward for your business.

FAQs about API development

APIs have been around for some time and have debuted as useful technology across various sectors like the IT world and governments. These are some of the types of APIs:

One-way API: where customers can’t update their information in return. Here, the customer has more control over the experience, and you gain access to all your data without needing input from them.

Two-way API: where customers can update their information in return. It is the most popular type of API as it’s beneficial for both businesses and customers.

Portal APIs: used by large companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to allow developers to create apps on their platforms. These APIs are more restricted than other platforms but allow you to access a wide range of data and features.

REST APIs: also known as RESTful APIs, has grown in popularity of late as a part of Web Services. REST APIs are designed to perform requests and receive responses via HTTP functions. 

SOAP APIs stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, are defined by a standard, depending on XML-based systems and programming, tend to have more extensive, more expensive, and provide a higher security level.

RPC APIs stands for Remote Procedure Call. RPC APIs were the earliest form of APIs, as they are designed to execute a block of code on a different server, and when used over HTTP, it can become a Web API.

APIs are needed to bring applications together to perform designed functions built around sharing data and executing pre-defined processes.

They work as the middlemen, allowing developers to build new programmatic interactions between the various applications people and businesses use daily.

For example, If your website wants to use login information from Facebook, it will have to use the Facebook API. What this does, is that it gives you your login details from the Facebook database rather than creating a new database.

An API describes all the valid messages that one program can accept. It says nothing about correctly ordering these messages or interacting with other programs.

Protocols sit on top of APIs. A protocol describes the valid sequence of messages that flow between the APIs of multiple parties to accomplish some higher-level task.

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