Pearl Lemon Web is a professional restaurant app design company you can trust. For over two decades, our team has developed websites and mobile solutions for businesses and brands, including restaurants. We work with chains, independent restaurant businesses, and food-industry entrepreneurs alike.

At Pearl Lemon Web, we understand that each restaurant app development comes with a unique set of expectations. That is why we deliver a custom-curated app development process to our customers. 

Our development services are designed exclusively to meet your business needs and requirements. The Pearl Lemon Web team of experts possesses years of experience collaborating with different platforms, devices, and frameworks, so we guarantee to give an edge to your app that will help you meet the expectations of your end-users.

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Our Project Delivery Process

Why Do You Need A Restaurant App Development Agency?

People love convenience. Let’s say after a long day at work, a person would love to dine at their favorite restaurant and have their favorite meal, but that long drive will not be something they are willing to do. They would prefer to place an order for a take-out online.


So many other restaurant establishments have picked up on this trend and have opted either for a proprietary app or a third-party ordering platform.

Take a look at these statistics,

Food and beverage sales in the restaurant and foodservice industry are projected to total $789 billion in 2021, up 19.7% from 2020. 52% of adults would like to see restaurants incorporate more technology to make ordering and payment easier. 37% of adults said they ordered delivery or take-out instead of dining in a restaurant. It is projected that online food ordering revenue will climb to $220 billion by 2023 – 40% of overall restaurant sales.
Presently, there are 338 food delivery businesses with funding of $5+ million in the US alone. About 42% of the overall food ordering market is now being placed online. 41% of consumers use a multi-restaurant delivery website/app at least once within 90 days. To watch movies and TV shows at home, 57% of the millennials have their food delivered. 56% of the consumers have restaurant food delivered, so they don’t have to leave their homes.
The market for restaurant app development is ripe, and this is the best time to take advantage of it. A restaurant without an app is missing out on a large portion of the business, and mobile users have sighted convenience as the key factor in their growing interest. Like any industry, developing and building restaurant apps requires various must-have features. You should consider incorporating a robust user interface to help customers order their food quickly; a good loyalty program, push notifications, multiple payment options, social media sharing, and more. 

Launch A Unique Online Food Ordering System With Our Fully Customized Tech Suite

Many industries actively enhance their customer experience with mobile apps, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Restaurants of all shapes and sizes are developing mobile apps to update their dining preferences.

This is what having a restaurant app will do for you:

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Improve your local outreach

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You can receive real-time customer feedback and respond to inquiries

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Develop a profitable sales channel

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Most customers currently expect a restaurant to have an app

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You have a platform to update your audience on news and achievements

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Increased sales amongst millennials

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More and better reviews on online ranking sites that matter most

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Easy menu access for your customers

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It is easier to check the cash flow in the restaurant without having to open the registers and order notebooks

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Improved efficiency and lesser running costs

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon Web for Your Restaurant App Development

We are a globally remote team with a collective experience of over 25years and are passionate about everything web design and development. The Pearl Lemon Web team understands consumer psychology and will work extra to understand your business’s brand image and goals while keeping you at the top of mind every step of the way.
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We use the latest tools and technologies and competitive pricing to deliver bespoke services. Our team of experts has vast experience in web development. It can help you craft the best possible solutions to boost your restaurant business, keeping in mind your priorities and expanding your business to reach more users. 


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With our years of experience in developing apps for our clients, we convert your ideas into realities. At Pearl Lemon Web, our restaurant app development process begins with an in-depth understanding of our client’s requirements and work on a solution that best meets their needs. Our professionals are conversant with next-gen trends and design your app with interactive and exciting features. 


Pearl Lemon Web Restaurant Application Development Features

Pearl Lemon Web builds applications with features like:

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Location details

we use GPS technology to build apps that assist you in providing location-based services to people who download your app, including booking options, driving directions, and more.

Software Development Consulting Services

Review options

our expert UX/UI developers will provide a platform to help you collect vital information and a comprehensive database to help you execute appropriate marketing strategies.

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Convenient menu display

a menu is an essential feature of any restaurant app. We can add an appealing menu with interactive photographs to help customers browse through their preferences and delicacies.


Reservation options

our team will assist you in building an easy-to-use reservation option to help your restaurant run more efficiently.

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Multiple platform support

What’s an app if you can’t manage your own account. We can let your customers manage their accounts in different ways by linking their mobile phone numbers and emails or allowing your users to see their past ten financial transactions.

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CRM Integration

If your consumers want to communicate with you and you’re not yet available, we can enable a chatbot that can talk to them in the meantime. It can answer basic FAQs and guide users to processes unfamiliar with them.

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Push notifications

The loyalty programs you’ve set on your branches can also be integrated into your app. They can view their loyalty points, the products they can exchange it with, and other items involved with your program.

FAQs about Restaurant App Development

YES. You absolutely do. Over 6 billion people worldwide use a smartphone, which is an astounding 80.63% of people on earth. When a restaurant wishes to take its presence online, the main target is the vast number of smartphone users. 

The restaurant app will help market the restaurant to potential customers and retain existing ones. It also makes marketing and interaction with customers easy for you.

The overall cost of developing an app for restaurants depends on several factors, including technology platforms, industry expertise, and region of development.

Some basic features apply to both the courier as well as customer-oriented apps. These features of the apps are developed once and then are reused for both the app versions.

Ordering food online has become trendy nowadays. The on-demand food delivery services completely changed the restaurant industry revolutionarily. Must-have features and options include:

Easy to Use App Interface: Your business app interface will simplify the users’ registration process to the order completion process.

GPS Mapping: The inbuilt GPS mapping navigation process in your app will help to track the real-time status details like

  • Delivery partners live tracking while on the way to deliver parcels,
  • Customers live location tracking to fasten the delivery process,
  • All the active delivery partners live tracking for a fine business monetization.

Multiple Payment Gateways: The multiple payment modes will simplify online or offline payment option selection through your new food delivery app.

User-Friendly Design, Real-Time Live Tracking, Push Notification, Easy Navigation, among others.

Every industry in every niche is embracing digitization for better growth opportunities and for providing the utmost convenience to its customers. The restaurant industry is no different. 

Restaurant mobile apps can provide an excellent turnaround for your restaurant. With a better user experience and enhanced customer engagement, restaurant owners can increase the number of customers and generate an additional revenue stream. 

With mobile apps, a customer can easily place food orders while restaurants enjoy the benefits of a greater volume of food delivery.

Step-by-Step Process to Create a Restaurant App

  1. Conduct market research.
  2. Set your strategy and business goals.
  3. Find a software development company. 
  4. Figure out exact restaurant app functionality. 
  5. Design a professional restaurant app and website.
  6. Test, deploy, and launch the application. 
  7. Roll out marketing campaigns.