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Lately, how businesses operate in the digital space has changed, especially after the pandemic. Customers who were not interested in using mobile apps now find it more convenient to use them. The industry is undergoing permanent changes that will shape how customers view dining in the future.To keep up with the shift, many restaurants must respond to the changing market environment by developing new mobile applications or improving existing ones to make it easier for customers to place online orders.Overall, mobile commerce sales are expected to reach 100 billion in 2024. In comparison, total retail sales in the United Kingdom increased at a more modest 5.4% annual rate.

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With these numbers, having a restaurant app makes it more crucial. If your business already has or still planning to launch one, Pearl Lemon Web can help. Whether you need help tweaking your old app or creating a new one, our team of experts can gladly help.

We’ll ensure that your app becomes a valuable asset to your business. Thus, a platform for revenue.

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Importance Of Having A Good Mobile App Design For Restaurants

When UX and UI design are well optimized, customer satisfaction, conversion, customer retention, sales, and ROI increase.

Here are some reasons why a good mobile design is crucial for your restaurant.

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Good Mobile App Design Makes It Easier To Attract New Customers

Mobile or food delivery app development is an excellent tool for increasing customer engagement. But the real question is: What value can you provide that will entice your customers to download and use your restaurant’s food app regularly? You must deliver the right mix of content on your app to accomplish this. If you have too much content, your app will appear cluttered. Reward your customers who order through the app. 

Mobile apps have a plethora of built-in options for maintaining engagement levels. Use new offers to keep your customers interested in your restaurant. With the addition of an app-based loyalty program, you can now provide additional value to your customers. You should provide some value back whenever they purchase the app. This value keeps them returning to you.

Free Advertising And Referrals

A mobile app can significantly increase your restaurant’s visibility by encouraging app users to share and refer other customers for rewards. Referrizer claims that:
  • 83% of customers would recommend restaurants to their friends.
  • Without a financial incentive, less than 29% of people refer others.
Consider how much money you could make if 83% of your customers referred a friend. An app that provides this incentive and points and rewards for those who share on social media or refer friends via SMS will help you encourage 83% of those who use it to share. It’s free advertising that boosts your ROI.
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Increased Sales Amongst Millenials

You could argue that you’d increase sales across all demographics, but the millennial market has strong preferences in this area. According to research, 98% of 18 to 34-year-olds who have paid their bills via mobile would do so again. However, 35% prefer to place their orders on their smartphone or tablet, and 40% prefer mobile payment over other options, especially for restaurants offering faster service.

Millennials prefer to pay for their orders directly within the app where possible. According to Food Network, the average millennial spends $174 per month on eating out. ($21 more than the average non-millennial.) By catering to their preferences and accepting mobile payments, you can capture a larger portion of their monthly spending power.

Increase Your Restaurant's Brand Awareness

When you create mobile apps for restaurants, you expand your brand’s reach. This is also one of the reasons restaurants require mobile apps. Apps remind prospects of your presence all the time.

In addition, with a restaurant business app, you can send push notifications to users highlighting special daily deals. And every notification from your restaurant on the users’ device is an opportunity to create deeper brand resonance in the users’ minds. This will eventually lead to an efficient, popularised online ordering system via mobile phone.

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Increase Productivity

Maximizing productivity can mean different things for different businesses, but custom app design can help you get there. An application with a high-performing design promotes productivity by driving user engagement and sales conversion.

Reduce Development Cost, Time, And Effort

Adopting a user-centred approach to custom application UX/UI design and ensuring that the design is done the first time correctly around will prevent future headaches and save your company significant resources.

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Take Action With Pearl Lemon Web

The restaurant value chain has recently seen a significant increase. With digitalization sweeping across industries, restaurants have been among the first to adapt to the change. Throughout the pandemic, the restaurants did their best to keep services running.

When everything shut down, and everyone was forced to stay inside, restaurants continued to deliver food to those in need. Students and young people living alone without their own kitchens relied on online food delivery, and the restaurant industry stepped up.

It is obvious how important a mobile application is to meet market demands. Not limiting food ordering to devices, but expanding it to a portable and mobile device, will provide a seamless expansion of the scope with which restaurants can cater to consumers online.

At Pearl Lemon Web, we understand the dilemma business enthusiasts face in making decisions on multiple fronts. We can develop a robust yet easy-to-navigate app for your restaurant.

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The mobile app design cost can vary depending on the project’s scope, the level of complexity involved, and a few other factors. However, the cost of designing a mobile app is estimated to be between $3000 and $30000. Want to get a specific cost from us? Get in touch today.

Custom illustrations, animations, micro-interactions, and gestures increase user engagement and set your restaurant apart from the crowd. Overall, good UI design creates a pleasant food-ordering experience and increases customer loyalty.

Our emphasis on collaborating with clients throughout the app design process should prevent these issues from arising. We will consult with you throughout the process, so the end result should be something you enjoy because you will have a large stake in its creation!

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