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Pearl Lemon Web is a leading social media app development company offering a wide range of collaborative social media app development services to help businesses grow and engage with their target audiences.
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Social media brings people together at any time and anywhere across the globe. Our social media app development services are custom-designed to help businesses and brands connect with their customers.


Pearl Lemon Web offers the best social media app development solutions compatible with every platform. Our tailored social media apps, designed after a thorough analysis of your business goals and requirements, will help you generate higher revenue by engaging with millions of users worldwide.

Social Media App Development Company that Connect You To Opportunities

Be it custom social network website design to an extensive development process; our expert social app developers will connect you to the world.


Our social media app development services revolve around but are not limited to:

custom mobile and web app design and development

Custom social networking

  • our social app developers will develop custom social networking mobile apps, making it convenient for users to connect with you and increase engagement.

Social network analysis tools

the tools we use during app development help our clients understand how their campaigns are fairing, how users are interacting with their apps and their experience.

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Messaging apps

At Pearl Lemon Web, we understand that the future of social media lies in messaging and real-time chats. We will develop platforms that enable instant connection in a safe, hack-proof environment.


Video-based apps

We specialize in developing various video-centric apps to enable our connect with their peers even when they are miles apart.

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Community app development

We are passionate about communities and we are on a mission to make it easy and fun for you to create and grow online communities. These social spaces can gather, engage and grow your communities and revenue.

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Social game app development

Brings technology, networking, and excitement to give end-users a thrilling experience to connect and enjoy.

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Mobile dating apps

powered by a robust verification algorithm and geolocation ability, we simplify the dating world by giving users simple and secure platforms to form relationships.

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We strategically use AI to build a highly personalized and intuitive user experience through tools like chatbots and virtual assistants to make interactions between brands and users seamless.

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Reasons Why You Need Social Media App Development Services.

Online communications on social media allow you to interact with customers and share information in real-time. With social media app development services, you can create online networks, reach your customers better easily and promote your products and services.    Recent statistics reveal that a company’s mobile presence could positively impact its reputation and brand awareness amongst potential customers, ultimately generating more revenue streams.

Social media apps can:

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Increase your following.

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Multiple sales channels.

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Give your business a competitive advantage.

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Customer relationship management(CRM).

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Boost client retention.

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Help you improve customer support.

custom mobile and web app design and development
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Increase your market reach including national and international markets.

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Get consumer feedback and build customer loyalty.

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Develop and grow your brand.

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Increase our website traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

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Keep tabs on your competition.

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Recruit skilled labor i.e. through job networking sites like Linkedin.

What’s best is that you don’t need any special skills to use our apps. Once it’s launched, you can control all activity directly from your phone. Further still, the apps are independent of your social media profiles or your website so you can easily link to these externally for increased visibility.


We will also enable push notifications and promotional pop-ups so that your customers do not miss out on any incentives, offers, or news updates.

Additional functionalities can also be made available through app widgets, for example, calculator or currency converter, depending on your business needs.

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon Web?

With over 25 years of collective experience in web design and other digital marketing specialties, we can develop competitive social media mobile apps that allow your business to stay connected with new and existing clients.  We are a professional social media app development company working efficiently and innovatively, and we develop social networking apps based on the goals and needs of businesses.
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We use advanced technology and methodology to create and design social media apps.

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We are a powerful team of diverse professionals and unmatched domain experience.

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High-end and cost-effective solutions are what we offer our clients.

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We deliver bespoke solutions to boost business growth and increase revenue.

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Expertise in in-app marketing and app store optimization(ASO)

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Timely delivery

Turn Your Ideas Into A Powerful Digital Reality.

Pearl Lemon Web social media app development solutions will help expand your business network, boost conversion rate, enhance brand loyalty and credibility, and improve your customer service and satisfaction.  We will do the groundwork before starting on your social media app development strategy to maximize results. Through creating compelling content, engaging with your customers at the perfect time, we will help you achieve your business communication goals and ultimately generate sales.  If you are ready to take the step of growth for your brand with an experienced team, contact us! Today, let’s get started.
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FAQs About Social Media App Development

YES. Social media apps can be profitable, but you have to choose a suitable business model that encourages long-term growth while keeping revenue insight.


With social media apps, it’s much easier to keep yourself connected to the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional social network or a personal social one. In this day and age, one will hardly avoid social media, and social media demands will keep on growing.

Integrating useful social features while designing your app makes an unsurpassed impact on your business’s growth and reputation in the short term.


However, the features will depend on the social media app you want to build. The most commonly found features include choosing a popular platform, customizing user profiles, building a network of followers/friends, notifications and news feed, security, support and updates, integration, and social media interaction.

The industry for which the app is being built plays a vital role in the average app development time. If you want a niche-specific social network, you can build it in 3-4 months if you are starting from scratch. On the other hand, you would not take more than a few weeks if you want to use templates. 


The type of functionality and experience level of the developers and UX/UI designers plays a huge role.

There is no precise answer to this question because the cost of social networking app development depends on so many things. The Software Development Model, Features, 3rd Party to be used, the developer’s expertise, level of UI/UX, server costs, and the company you are hiring to do the job all need to be looked at.

You can send your project expectations to get the exact cost of developing your social network app.

We provide 24×7 tech support in case of bug fixings and suggest the best solutions being there for you. We understand your visions and goals to provide the best out of the market and make customized solutions that are unique for your business.

Moreover, if you hire our team, our developers can work within your time so that you may not feel timezone gaps with the development team.

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