Do you want to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing? Do you know how to add interests on LinkedIn?

The “news sources, Influencers, companies, colleges, and groups” you follow on LinkedIn are categorised as “interests.” This is beneficial since it informs other users of your interests and might even assist you in making new connections with others who share your interests.

By adding your hobbies and interests to your LinkedIn profile under the Interests part of the Additional Information section, you may connect with your reader personally. You may also see the interests of your LinkedIn acquaintances or anybody else on LinkedIn and add them to your profile right from their page.

Surprisingly, the Interests area of your LinkedIn profile is more important than you would assume.

 If you want to know more about this and learn how to add interest on LinkedIn, keep reading;

How vital are Interests In your Linkedin Profile?

LinkedIn interests are significant since they provide information about you and your hobbies to others (colleagues, hiring managers, etc.). They should represent how you want to be seen by others on the site, as the hobbies you choose may frequently lead to new contacts and future job opportunities.

You may add interest to assist colleagues on LinkedIn, and future employers discover more about your hobbies. Companies, persons, or organisations you have worked with in the past or would like to work with in the future are frequently listed as LinkedIn interests.

Your chosen passions should be genuine, but they should also be relevant to your target audience and professional. You may enjoy hiking, listening to music, or horseback riding, but when it comes to LinkedIn interests, such interests are related to your current job role or degree.

How To Add Interests On Linkedin

Now let’s get down with our main event and learn about how you can fix the problems. Use the simple steps below.

Step 1: Log in 

Go to and log in using your username and password.

Step 2: Search 

Using the search bar at the top of your screen, locate a person, company, or topic you’re interested in and click to be taken to their profile page. For Example, Type “Pearl Lemon” and find every person and company related to this. 

Step 3: Start Following

On the person or company’s profile page, click the Follow button. Then choose from the search results and click on them. The company, person, or topic will now be listed in your Interests section. 

And that’s it; that is how you can add interest to your Linkedin profile, just like that.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Adding Interests on LinkedIn

Adding interests on LinkedIn is an excellent way to connect with people in your industry and network. But, it can also be a great way to get yourself blocked. When it comes to adding interests on LinkedIn, there are a few things that you should do and a few things you should avoid.

When adding interests, it is essential to ensure that the interests you add are relevant and exciting. It is also important not to have too many interests on your profile.

The “Interests” section is one of the most commonly used sections in the profile. LinkedIn has made it easier for users to add interest to their profiles. So adding an interest that is not appropriate for your professional goals can have negative consequences.

Interests you should add to your Profile

If you’ve chosen to include any interests in your profile, here are some suggestions for ones that can impress employers.


If you contribute to a website, maintain a blog, or compose poetry, short tales, or novels, you should mention them in your CV. This is a necessary talent for various vocations, whether they need composing emails, paperwork, or bids. Employers value this transferrable expertise.


This is intriguing since many contemporary, open-minded organisations value resumes that include travel as a passion. This might indicate that the applicant is a well-rounded individual who is gregarious and enjoys new experiences.


Have you been engaged in any events, whether you organised or supported them? This demonstrates that you possess organisational, project management, and planning abilities. All of which are essential in a variety of professions.

Teams and clubs in sports

If you participate in a basketball team or a golf club, this demonstrates passion, devotion, and proactivity. Additionally, other abilities such as collaboration and communication may be retrieved.


  • Why can’t I add interests on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn no longer allows you to manually update your interests. According to the firm, you may only add companies and organisations that you’re interested in following, not personal hobbies, to keep it professional.

  • Are interests vital on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn interests are significant since they provide information about you and your hobbies to others (colleagues, hiring managers, etc.). They should represent how you want to be seen by others on the site, as the hobbies you choose may frequently lead to new contacts and future job opportunities.

  • Can I hide my interests on LinkedIn?

Although you can’t hide stuff on your private profile, you can hide what shows on your public profile, such as your work history, educational information, personal and professional websites, interests, and accomplishments. You can also opt-out of having your profile made public.

  • Are my LinkedIn interests visible?

The News Sources, Influencers, Companies, Schools, and Organizations section shows which news sources, Influencers, companies, schools, and groups a LinkedIn member follows. Go to the member’s profile whose interests you want to learn more about. 

Closing Words

You may include 3-5 sentences in your LinkedIn summary indicating the length of time you’ve worked in your profession,which companies you’ve worked with and which abilities you own, and what you’re most well-known for in your place of employment.

LinkedIn interests are crucial since they tell people about you and your interests (colleagues, hiring managers, etc.). They should reflect your desired image on the site. Because the activities you pick are typically the gateway to new relationships and potential employment prospects.

Follow the process above, and you will have all the interests added to your profile in an instant.

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