How To Easily Forward iCloud Email To Gmail [Most Effective Ways]

How To Easily Forward iCloud Email To Gmail [Most Effective Ways]

If you decide you no longer want to utilize your iCloud Mail account, you can easily transfer all of your current iCloud emails to your Gmail folders. After that, you may instruct Apple email to forward any future emails to your Gmail address.

If you use many email accounts, having them all come in one place might be useful.

Most of us have many email accounts that we use for a variety of reasons. However, if you want your iCloud emails to automatically forward to another address, you’ll discover that it’s rather straightforward to achieve.

Auto-forward all iCloud messages to your primary email account. One of the coolest iCloud Mail features is the ability to route all mail sent to your iCloud ID to a specific email address.

This is incredibly simple to set up using Mail on And if you change your mind later, it’s just as easy to turn it off. Furthermore, having all of your emails forwarded in one location can save you a lot of time. It’s straightforward to understand how to forward the iCloud email to Gmail, and just a few basic steps are required.

How Safe is “Forwarding iCloud Email To Gmail”?

Your email address is central to much of your online life. It serves as a center for practically everything you do. Every day, iCloud automatically backs up all of your data from your iPhone or iPad. This is useful when you need to delete your device and set up a new device with your old data.

If you have a free iCloud storage plan, you are undoubtedly aware that you only receive 5GB to save your data. It’s not a lot of space, especially if you have many iOS devices. Your inbox contains a wealth of private information – and, in many cases, secrets – that can be stitched together to create a picture of your interests, movements, and social connections. However, email privacy is frequently overlooked. The threats you confront are determined by who you are.

This is especially important if you’re sending sensitive material or want to send emails that can’t be traced back to you.

How To Forward Icloud Email To Gmail Easily 

Now let’s get down with our main event and learn how you can Forward Icloud Email To Gmail Easily

The procedure necessitates the usage of As a result, you do not need to utilize a specific Apple device. You may use whatever device you own, whether a Windows PC, an Android phone, a Mac, or an iPhone. Use the simple steps below.

Step 1: Head To icloud.Com

Actually, you can use any browser you want. You just need to head to the cloud homepage and sign in to your respective account. Find the mail icon on the screen, get into it,let’s, and let’s get started. 


Step 2: Use Preference

After entering into the mail option, you will find a setting icon either on the left or right side of the screen. Select it, and you will find a bunch of options, and you have to choose your preference. 

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Just like restarting your browser, it is also a quick fix. But there is a more effective step you can try if it fails to fix the problem. Follow the next step.

Step 3: Processing

Now, in this step, a window will appear like the picture below. You will be in the General Tab. While still on the General page, select the box next to the Forwarding heading that states, Forward my email to:. Check the option that reads, Delete messages after forwarding if you don’t want to keep a copy of the email. You should be aware that keeping a duplicate of the forwarded messages will consume iCloud capacity, so it’s best to delete them. 

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Step 4: Select your preferred Gmail address

Select the checkbox next to Forwarding my email to. In the section that follows, Forward my email to, enter the email address to which you wish all incoming messages sent automatically. Check the box next to Delete messages after forwarding if you want the forwarded emails to be erased from your iCloud Mail account after they’ve been forwarded.

Finally, to save the changes click Done.


  • How do I sync Gmail with iCloud?

Choose Google > Enter your Google username and password > Activate Contacts > Save the file. Open the Contacts app on your iOS device and follow these steps: Turn on Contacts in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud. This approach will sync all of your Google contacts with iCloud; however, continue reading if you only want to import a subset of your Google contacts to iCloud.

  • How do I add iCloud email to iPhone Gmail?
  • Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap your profile photo in the upper right corner.
  • Select Use another account.
  • Select the account type you wish to add.
  • To add your account, follow the procedures on the screen.
  • How do I link my Apple and Gmail?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Choose from Mail, Contacts, or Calendars. Select the account you want to update or delete. Make the changes you desire.

Closing Words

Setting up iCloud email forwarding is simple, and you can quickly stop it if you change your mind later.

Don’t worry if you don’t utilize iCloud. Most email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, allow users to automatically forward all new messages to a separate email account in a similar manner.

Some users find it challenging to transfer iCloud emails to their Gmail accounts, even though the processes are entirely painless. Alternatively, you may go the opposite way and forward all emails from a separate service to iCloud, which is also feasible with most email providers.

If you have any especially remarkable experiences, ideas, suggestions, or advice, please share them in the comments. Quickly this is useful when. In that case, suppose the most excellent.