Tumblr Header Size

An image is displayed as the header or banner of your Tumblr blog. You can use it as a welcoming image to appear above the fold and be seen immediately by people visiting your Tumblr page. Banners are displayed at the top of everything and based on theme settings. Headers may appear at individual posts. The banner can be customized. Go to theme settings to do so. A header must be visually appealing and persuasive since visitors see it first on your blog. A header image cannot simply be a filler image. Users will be annoyed by it. When visitors don’t find the header appealing, they won’t scroll down, which will increase bounce rates. Make the header appealing to the readers. Having a cat-themed header makes sense, for example, if your blog is related to cats. A similar header would encourage people interested in cats to feel connected and attached to your blog. Banners that are irrelevant, poorly designed, and too big are a no-no.

Tumblr’s ideal header size

For desktop, a Tumblr header should be 3000 by 1055 pixels, and for mobile, 640 by 360 pixels. It is best to set your banner according to the desktop dimensions, and the mobile version will adjust accordingly. There is a 2.84:1 aspect ratio on desktops. The width of your banner will need to be 3000 pixels, and the height will need to be 1055 pixels. Tumblr banner dimensions should be 3000 by 1055 pixels. The header you upload with precisely these dimensions will fill the entire space, won’t be pixelated, and won’t be cut off. When designing a banner, you should also consider the following:
  • Mobile banners have a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • In addition to JPG, PNG, and GIF formats, you can upload the header.
  • The banner cannot exceed 10 MB in size.

The Dimensions of Tumblr Headers Are Important, Why?

This Tumblr banner dimension ensures that no header part is cut off. The following issues may arise if the header size is incorrect:
  • The bouncing rate is high
  • When the image size is smaller than recommended, it will have poor image resolution, for example, pixelated images
  • If the image is larger than the header, one or more sides of the header are cut off
  • when viewed on different devices
  • leading to a poor user experience.
You can connect with your audience through your banner from the point of view of marketing. You need to take full advantage of it. People who don’t scroll will still be able to connect with your business when your contact information is in the header since they know about your business website. Brand awareness can be increased in this way.


A compelling banner is the only thing visible above the fold, so you must encourage visitors to scroll, but this can only be accomplished with a powerful and intriguing banner. Therefore, your blog’s header is the most critical part – and the Tumblr banner dimension is the second most important. It attracts attention, connects and interacts with visitors, and persuades them to scroll down if it is appropriately sized.

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