Web Development 2022: Top 6 Trends to Know!

With over 1.83 billion websites and over 4.6 billion internet users, web surfers are 2.5 higher than the number of websites. While the websites are increasing around the clock, standing out from the clock is challenging even if you keep up with the latest trends and features. 

Most sites look similar, which confuses users — what makes brands exceptional and different if they all look the same online? Website design is your magic wand to create a site with different web images so that you can build a strong brand image.

Developing and maintaining your site and keeping up with the ongoing trends is the only way to remain relevant and competitive. Let us help you take a closer look at the top trends in website development.

Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps are the first trend we would like to discuss. PWA is an app functioning as a site with a full mobile app experience. It runs independently and works with clients as native apps. PWA technology brings the following things for users:

  • Easy to install
  • Less device storage and power
  • Reduced development expenses and support
  • Error-free maintenance and updating
  • Quicker launch and flexible distribution

According to Erikson’s research, worldwide mobile data traffic will increase to 4.4 times and reach 288 EB monthly in 2027. Hence, people will be using their mobiles to meet their most requirements. 

Also, the 5G networks will carry more than 62% of mobile traffic, offering quicker and more responsive services. In addition, Statista has shown that 9% of eCommerce companies invested in PWAs in 2021 and 8% of eCommerce agencies reported that they already own PWAs. 

Most well-known brands are getting huge chunks of profits through these apps. Hence, the PWAs have become the game-changer for websites in the coming years. Hiring web development Houston agencies like Clickysoft can help you to create and improve your PWA, leading to the success of your business.

AI Chatbots

In the coming years, AI-enabled Chatbots will probably become more adaptable in fulfilling the needs of matching users by using machine learning, natural language processing, and data retrieval methods.

Besides boosting organizations” operations, AI Chatbots also improve the customer experience by collecting data, answering FAQs, and solving their issues. Therefore, they provide customers with an incredible digital experience. 

AI Chatbots are already a part of many big B2C companies. As Forbes stated, the use of AI Chatbots will increase by 190% by 2025; many AI Chatbots have replaced the standard chatbots on many social platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. More companies are expected to embrace AI Chatbots in 2022.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Single Page Application is one of the ruling and trendy web development technologies. Contrary to conventional apps, SPA contains a single page that quickly loads the whole site with dynamic content on the same page. AJAX and HTML5 make SPAs responsive.

In addition, front-end JavaScript frameworks like Ember, Angular, Vue, and React also work with SPA development. SPA perks also include: 

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Lessened Bounce rate
  • Fast page load
  • Offline support
  • Timely debugging
  • Quick page load

Studies have shown that SPAs can increase the conversion rate by up to 37%, enabling businesses to reach their target audience quickly. SPAs simplify user navigation and raise revenue through quick web page loading. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are one of the important trends in the web development industry. Its purpose is to accelerate page functionality and retain visitors. It is quite similar to PWA. AMPs are optimized pages that promote a simplified and convenient design with basic features compared to full-scope web products.

In addition to that, AWPs are responsive to mobiles with readable content. It is a relatively new web trend, showing that the online world is getting more user-centric. 

Though 5G internet technology is rising now and brands tend to develop native applications for improved user experience, AMP assists businesses in saving expenses on UX and reaching target audiences. 

WordPress Development

The WordPress CMS empowers more than 40% of websites, and such a large aspect demands attention. WordPress frequently adds advanced features to fulfill users” needs as an open-source platform. WordPress developers are aware of its upgrades.

In 2022, Carl Hancock, CEO of Gravity Forms, hinted at the arrival of Full Site editing, expanding the block editing functionality to the entire website. According to him, 2022 will be a crucial year for CMS as it will introduce the biggest theming change in the history of Full Site Editing – an open-source project.

Full Site Editing is scheduled to be launched in WordPress v5.9, and it is expected to come up with major changes in the website creation and management procedure with WordPress.

Dark Mode UI

Dark mode websites have become popular and a trend in the past years. It is expected to rise higher during the coming year. A dark-themed site has a visual design pattern that makes it easier to enjoy web browsing regardless of device.

According to the Android Authority’s assessment, 81.9% of respondents use the dark mode on their devices, and 9.9% move between dark and light mode. Polar Survey conducted another survey which stated that 95% of users like to use dark mode instead of light mode.

Even tech biggies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Reddit have already switched to dark mode UI, and others are planning to adopt this trending technology.

Dark mode UI has the following advantages:

  • It reduces blue-light
  • It enhances battery life
  • It makes UI content more legible and accessible to all
  • It is good for the eyes as it lowers eye strain in low light

Since many web developers in Atlanta already provide built-in features to move between dark and light modes, it is expected to become a rule of web development in 2022 and beyond.

Besides other feature, a website development includes its security part and which should not be overlooked. However, as a primary step, SSL certificate is an essential security for WordPress website. Whether you go with a single domain, wildcard SSL or multi domain, you will find all these certs at reasonable price for example, cheap multi domain (used for multiple domains), or cheap Wildcard SSL (used for unlimited subdomains) or any low priced SSL.

Final Words

Web development is continuously evolving to stay relevant and meet customers’ expectations. The trends mentioned above are focused on enhancing the user experience on mobile — the future trends might be concentrated on optimizing UX for other smart devices such as smartwatches. 

These trends have changed the way businesses connect with customers, and staying on top of them will ensure that your website is successful and attracts customers. 

Even if you already have a site, you should consult web development services according to your locality (Because they have a better idea of local customers), Hence, the PWAs have become the game-changer for websites in the coming years.

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