What To Do With A “Server Not Found” Message

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What Does “Server Not Found” Mean?


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Uh-oh. The browser can’t find the server. What does that mean for you? 404 errors are a classic internet problem.

They occur when the browser can’t find a website, and the error message is “The server isn’t responding.” This is caused by a DNS (Domain Name Service) problem. There are many causes of DNS problems, such as network outages and server failures.

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The “Server Not Found” error is a common occurrence on the Internet. Many different reasons can cause it, but the most common cause is the lack of connectivity between the client and server.

This error indicates that you are unable to find the requested information on your site. This error can be extremely frustrating for software development companies, eCommerce companies and other consumers, especially when attempting to complete an online transaction.

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Is It Usually A Bad Thing?

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The server not found error means that the server cannot be found, which is quite alarming. It’s essential to have a relatively simple error message, where you tell people what went wrong, but only if the error message helps solve the problem.

It’s a bad thing to have a server not found on your site, and this means the user is unable to load your webpages, or users will be redirected to a blank page. t always blame the server for this – it could be some sort of hack or computer glitch, which you should report to your hosting provider as soon as possible.

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Server not found is a common message when contacting a web service. If this happens, they often automatically direct you to an alternative. 

Usually, this just means that the message was automatically generated by the server and, in most cases due to server issues, wasn’t completed and sent to the intended recipient.

How Can I Fix This Issue?

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If your website is down, it’s a massive problem for your company. Your customers may wonder if you’re out of business. That potential impacts your bottom line when people decide to go to the next competitor working fine.

If your server isn’t working, the ethical thing to do is contact your host to fix it. They will know how important it is that they fix it immediately. 

Here are the steps to do just that:

  • Start the Control Panel by selecting “Start” and “Settings” 
  • Click the “Control Panel” icon
  • Open “Network Connections”  
  • Right-click the Internet connection and select “Properties” 
  • Click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then open “Properties”  


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  • Change the primary and secondary DNS servers to a free option, e.g. Google Public DNS,, ScrubIT, etc.

  • Click “Apply,”  then restart the computer. The error should be fixed by then.

Your website should be able to handle a failure. Many customers will leave a site well into a process if a step fails.

A “server not found” or “404 error message” should let them know it’s a bug or a temporary issue and to either come back or look for another resource that resolves the issue.

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How to fix Server-cannot-be-found?

To fix the server-cannot-be-found message on your computer, check your connectivity first (wi-fi, router, etc.) and the URL being entered in the search bar. 

If all is good there, but the problem is still ongoing, try to restart your computer. 

If that does not fix the problem, you can also try clearing your cache and data from the browser since this will remove any content or glitches that could stop you from reaching the desired page. This should help remove the message and allow you to continue surfing the web.

How to fix Server-cannot-be-found on iPhone?

There are a few things that you can do to try and fix the server-cannot-be-found message on your iPhone. 

  • Option 1 – Go to your settings and try clearing the Safari Cache and data. This should help eliminate the message as it will help remove any glitches or content that might be preventing you from accessing the page.
  • Option 2 – Go to your settings, press “General,” then click on “Reset Network Settings” (click on this twice). This should help get rid of the message as well.

What does Server-cannot-be-found mean?

The server-cannit-be-found message is very common. This is an automated message sent by the server itself, which means it is having trouble connecting you to the page you are trying to reach. A lack of connectivity such as this is the most common cause of the message.