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If art gives you different expressions, feelings, and pleasing sceneries, then you’ll probably somehow understand why you need a web design.

Let’s face it; your site wouldn’t get a second look if the interface is ugly and inaccessible to your visitors.

If there are 1.9 billion sites online, you need to stand out.

Lucky for you, you won’t need to worry anymore about your site’s design because Pearl Lemon Web can do it for you.

Our web design experts with years of experience will help you achieve the site design you want.

Whether you’re at Market Street, Main Street, or Water Street – we can give you the design that will attract more people for you.

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Why Is Design Important?

If you’re wondering why your web design is important– here’s a list of reasons you need to know:

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Face Of The Brand

When people visit your website, they automatically perceive it as your business on an online platform. It becomes the face of your business and reflects everything about you. Not to mention, when people visit sites, they usually look at how pleasing the site looks. Your web design forms your brand identity, and it can affect how your visitors will interact with your brand. After all, who would want to purchase a product or service that has an ugly interface online?

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Colour Scheme

Colours are important. If you try to look it up online, your business palette signifies a lot of things for your brand. For instance, you can't use neon pink on most of your site's layout-- that would be too unappealing for your website and would drive people away from you. You can use a good combination of colours to introduce your business online. In some instances, if you're a food enterprise, you'll generally use red, yellow, or orange because those colours represent appetite. You'll probably use green, blue, or purple to show your aesthetics if you're a landscape artist. It all depends on what you want to convey.

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Web Layout

Your layout is important because this can significantly impact how users see your business offerings online. It is typically suggested that websites lean on the side of minimal, clean, and attract your customers to the most critical components on your site. The site you'll build must also be influenced by the most frequent needs and wants that your audience looks for. If you feel like you have a lot of layouts in mind, you can try using alternative layouts and do tests to see which one performs best.

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Fonts & Typography

Just like colour, there's an appropriate font for everything. You can't just use any font and typography on your site. You need to carefully consider which font will best represent you and your business. It should also be appealing to your target market. Your business fonts and typography convey what you offer and what you want your site visitors to feel about you.

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Site Access

Site design is more than just about aesthetics and good-looking layouts. It's also about how you will design your site so that it can be accessible to visitors. Aside from the fact that it can improve audience experience, it is also mandated by the law. You will need to create a website accessible to individuals with impairments. As a business owner, you need an excellent website. It doesn't matter if you hire web designers to set it up for you or DIY.

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Website Navigation

Who would want a site that can't be easily navigated? My guess is no one. Imagine going to a site, and you can't figure out where services or products are. Isn't that inconvenient? Having a good site design makes it easier for your online visitors to navigate your site because it will show them where they should go to find what they need. If your site is user-friendly, you are more likely to receive engagements and conversions.

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The Services We Offer

We understand that your business has a variety of needs. This is why we also offer various solutions that can help your business have the best website out there:

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The leading service that we can offer is the design and development of your website. Our group of experts will plan and strategize how they can meet your wants and needs while also building the most optimal website for your business.


Web Portals

Web portal software can help you bring information from multiple sources together, allowing content to be shared amongst various departments, customers, and suppliers. Pearl Lemon Web can create a web portal that is beneficial for your brand.

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Web Applications

Sometimes, websites need specific applications to make their site more exciting or user-friendly. With our experts, you won’t need to think about which web applications are best suited for your site. We will do the job of suggesting and creating the web applications best for your website.

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Web Plugins

You also might want to add features that are optional to your users. Our experts can make your plugin ideas into reality.

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Websites aren’t perfect the first time they are made. They need to run tests that can point out which systems can malfunction and what errors can occur in the future. Our experts will do the test runs for your website to ensure that it will run smoothly on its official launch.

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Maintenance and Support

Websites aren’t independent machines. They need maintenance and support to perform at their peak. With Pearl Lemon Web, you can always avail our maintenance and support solutions to have an optimal website for your business.

If you’re looking for other services that aren’t mentioned above, we can always talk about them HERE.

A Reflection Of You

Your web design reflects you, and it should look good to your target market online.

At Pearl Lemon Web, we can help you have an interface that will be appealing to your visitors and induce conversions.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us now so we can start.


How websites are presented online is referred to as web design. Rather than software development, it generally relates to the user experience elements of website creation.

You can build your website if you’re well-versed in web designing and programming. However, for most people who don’t, Pearl Lemon Web offers its services to make the best website you can ever have.

Web designing for dating sites focuses on the aesthetic, functionality, and user-friendliness of a dating system provided in a browser. Our designers will plan, create and code internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text, pictures, graphics, and video clips.

You need a web designer to make great websites that attract many users. It is beneficial and easier to have a professional designer on board because you can utilize their experience and avoid mistakes. Pearl Lemon Web does happen to provide some of the best experts the world has to offer.

Every app we build is customized to the business we’re working with. That’s why our services vary on a case-to-case basis, including the fees you’ll incur. Pearl Lemon Web understands the unique needs of each business. We do not offer a singular plan to every business. You can talk to our experts today and learn more about it.

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