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At Pearl Lemon Web, we aim to help you develop the best home service app to help you rank high against your competitors. We are a leading app development company with experience and expertise in designing leading on-demand app solutions that will make you stand out, especially when we incorporate our unique features into them.

Our white-label app development solutions will benefit you greatly. Whether you are a startup looking to establish yourself in the industry or a big brand looking to modernize, our bespoke solutions will consistently equip you with what you need.

We are a professional app design and development agency that aims to develop, design, build, and home service apps customized, especially for businesses in the home service industry. We create apps, and their versions are compatible with iOS, Android, HTML, and even Windows.

Convenience Right at Your Fingertips

Everything has changed because of technology. From the way we eat, shop, travel, and even date—people like convenience, anything that takes away the hassle and hard work on their part. Currently, with the digital revolution, apps are a welcome substitute.

That change has not excluded the home services industry. Look at these facts:
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Most People Spend An Average Of 4.2 Hours On Their Phone Daily Just Using Various Applications.

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You Can Improve The Way People Discover Your App. Nearly 40% Of People Find New Apps Through Their Social Circle's Recommendations.

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Almost 50% Of ALL Smartphone Users Find New Apps While Simply Browsing Through Their Play/ App Stores.

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60% Of Smartphone Users Have Contacted A Business Via The In-App Call To Action Buttons (e.g., "Call Us" Buttons).

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About 95% Of People's On-Screen Time Is Spent Inside Apps.

Service delivery apps have become a successful business idea across the entire globe. But first, let us delve more into what home service apps are.

What Are Home Service Apps?

As the name suggests, home service apps are household service platforms that you can use to hire professionals to do your household chores at your convenience. Like any other apps, home service apps are built with all the essential tools for functionality.

Our app development solutions for home service companies will fix problems for your potential customers and ultimately increase your ROI. There has never been a better time than now for you to build a home services app to grab profitable opportunities.

Home service app development is gradually gaining traction, and your app could be the next trendsetter in the industry.

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon Web For Your Home Services App Development?

Pearl Lemon Web aims at providing the best home services development solutions that are custom-tailored to suit your preferences and business requirements. 

Our app development solutions provide:

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Intuitive Interface

Our expert app developers can design and create apps that are easy to use and provide an optimal user experience.

Custom Mobile App Development Services In Kent

Customized services for your brand

We aim to create app development solutions tuned explicitly to your brand.

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Scalable and quantifiable

Our app development solutions focus on your current business needs and on caring for your future needs.

Engagement with your prospects

We strive to keep in mind our customers while developing our apps. Our primary focus is on user engagement and retention.

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Plug-in Integration

We integrate the best third-party plugins to enhance the reach and usability of your home service apps.



At Pearl Lemon Web, our professional developers take the utmost measures for the safety of your apps for a more laidback experience.

Home Service App Features

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We can help you make your home service brand more swift, fulfilling, and engaging. Our app development solutions are crafted with user search behavior and patterns in mind.

Additionally, our home service apps are designed to satisfy all stakeholder needs. We have three different users, and we can design three different apps:

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The customer's app

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The admin panel

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The service provider's app

Each of these apps has its unique features to make them more useful.

Let us get into more details.

Features For The Customer App

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A detailed marketplace: consumers need to have a list of services on the home screen for all your services in your home services app.

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Filters of different home service professionals

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Booking history

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Scheduling the service

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Invoice generation

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Approval notifications

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Approval notifications

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In-app chatting and messaging

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Secure multiple payment options

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Ratings and reviews

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Service assistance

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Help and support

Features For The Service Provider's App

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Profile approval and fast registration

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Real-time request management

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Request acceptance and declining

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Customer chats

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Costs and payment details

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Customer feedback

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Features For The Admin Panel

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Interactive dashboard

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Detailed admin panel

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Management and service provider verification

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Transaction management

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Promotions management

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Review management

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Business analytics

How Pearl Lemon Web Will Help Your Home Services Business

We use a perfect blend of thoughtfully crafted systems architecture and code quality to ensure top-notch and consistent results for our clients.


Identify and sort your customer's needs.

Before we start on your home services app development, we will take extra steps to understand your target audience, their needs, and the cost of development too. Our experts will conduct comprehensive market research and surveys to get complete insight that will help strategize.


Keep track of all major players.

Along with knowing your customer's needs, our team at Pearl Lemon Web will study and analyze your competitors to know the latest trends and features they might be using.

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Deliver punctual and timely solutions.

Home services are on-demand services, so time management is an inevitable factor. Providing services in the stipulated time keeps your customers happy and satisfied. Additionally, they will promote your home services to their friends and family.


Proper use of push notifications

Using push notifications the right way can do wonders for your app. We will ensure that these push notifications are sent out at the right time and give helpful information to your user.


Recommendations about your onboarding experience

Competition in the app development industry is at its peak, so it becomes imperative that you take your app onboarding very seriously. Our solutions will ensure that users that download your app get a seamless experience that engages them and convinces them of getting value.


Discuss Your App Development Project with Our Specialists

At Pearl Lemon Web, we are interested in long-term partnerships. Hiring us means you get a reliable partner for all your app design and development needs.   Our team of specialists will work closely with you throughout the implementation phase to transform your idea into a well-thought-out user-friendly home services app.   Contact us today and let your ideas come into reality with the help of intuitive solutions guaranteeing maximum business growth.


This question is complex as the cost of building a home services application highly depends on so many factors. These include:

• Location and country

• Number of features


• Expertise and experience of your app development team

• App platform and so much more.

Development and Design services include: 

• app development, 

• Magento developer, 

• javascript development services, 

• Logo design, 

• fashion website design, 

• e-commerce web design and consulting services.

To ensure the security of your app idea, we will sign an NDA with you, ensuring the complete security of your app idea.

We understand digitalization since we are a globally remote team connected by cloud technology and a passion for all things SEO. With 25+ years of SEO experience between us, we’ve got a track record of getting things done for our clients.

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