YouTube has 1.5 billion users (second only to Facebook in terms of social sharing). The average viewing session on the channel lasts almost 40 minutes, for 500 million minutes of video watched each day.

YouTube has a great deal of marketing potential for brands that can deliver engaging, valuable content tailored to their audience, considering the amount of engagement and enthusiasm YouTube enjoys from its users. It’s not just the vital content; you must also consider how your channel looks, including your profile picture.

Here we’ll discuss the best YouTube profile picture size and tips. Here are some best practices to get more clicks to your channel and make a great impression.

How important is my YouTube profile picture?

The small image appears next to your channel’s name on your videos. Your “channel icon” or “YouTube avatar” is known as your ” channel icon”.

When you comment on other users’ videos, this will also appear as the thumbnail image beside your name. The YouTube profile picture will direct users to your channel, ensuring it’s straightforward to recognize.

Profile pictures are not the same as your YouTube channel art (sometimes referred to as “YouTube banner”), which acts as your social media profile picture and spans your entire channel. Your YouTube profile picture can help get users to your channel; the channel art isn’t visible until they visit your channel.

What is the best size for a YouTube profile picture?

Choosing the right YouTube profile picture size is vital in creating the perfect profile picture.

Note that YouTube profile pictures are cropped to circular shapes, so the best YouTube profile picture size is 800 x 800 pixels.

These dimensions are similar to Twitch profiles or Instagram profile pictures with the same circular crop.

YouTube Profile Image: How to Create One

Make a profile picture for free by using our online tool. Using a blank canvas with a width and height of 800 x 800 pixels is a good starting point.

By selecting the right images, text, and icons (similar to creating a highlight cover on Instagram), you can customize your YouTube icon.

Crop the graphic so that some of the sides touch the photo outline, then draw a circle onto it to see what will be cropped. You can use this to determine what will appear in the profile picture and what may need to be cropped.

The corners will be trimmed off once uploaded if you save and download the YouTube profile picture without deleting the circle.


People’s first impression of you is directly influenced by the YouTube profile picture on your channel.

You need to think about the visuals in your video, such as the video format and outro, but do not ignore how vital your YouTube icon is.

Make sure your YouTube profile picture is strong and adequately sized to appear credible and established. The dimensions of your profile picture are only 800 x 800 pixels, but it sends a signal about how you wish to be perceived. It deserves serious consideration.

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