Fixing the “Installation Failed: Could Not Create Directory.” in WordPress


Source: QuoraErrors on your WordPress site may inconvenience you and your users. You may not be able to provide a key feature or functionality if you receive the error “Installation failed: Could not create directory“.It is relatively simple to fix this error. You can quickly get your WordPress plugin or theme running in minutes by […]

The Page isn’t Redirecting Properly: How to Fix it


It is common for a web page not to redirect messages properly when browsing. As soon as you click on a link, you are taken to a new URL and immediately see an error message that says, “Page not found”.We will teach you how to solve your problem quickly The Issue It is most common […]

How to stop Google Chrome ads


HOW TO ALLOW POP-UPS FROM SPECIFIC WEBSITES If you still want to keep seeing pop-ups from specific websites, you can allow them to. To do this: HOW TO BLOCK POP-UPS FROM SPECIFIC SITES If the site isn’t on the list, next to “Block,” click on Add. Enter the website’s URL, and then click Add. To […]

Youtube Avatar Size


YouTube has 1.5 billion users (second only to Facebook in terms of social sharing). The average viewing session on the channel lasts almost 40 minutes, for 500 million minutes of video watched each day. YouTube has a great deal of marketing potential for brands that can deliver engaging, valuable content tailored to their audience, considering […]

Tumblr Header Size


An image is displayed as the header or banner of your Tumblr blog. You can use it as a welcoming image to appear above the fold and be seen immediately by people visiting your Tumblr page.Banners are displayed at the top of everything and based on theme settings. Headers may appear at individual posts. The […]

How to Change Your PayPal Name


It’s hard to go wrong with PayPal if you’re looking for an online payment processor. PayPal lets you make and accept payments online easily.In addition, they offer several features for both individuals and businesses. PayPal is available to everyone. Using it to send money to friends is just as convenient as using it for high-volume […]

Discord Profile Picture Size


Over the years, Discord has evolved into a comprehensive multimedia messaging platform. Game developers have been actively using it, and several businesses have also begun to utilize it. However, many people do not customize their profiles after they’ve created them, mainly because they are unaware of things like the ideal size of the Discord profile […]

How To Make A CSV File?


Are you planning to share your document via CSV file? Do you know how to make a CSV file? CSV is a standard file format for storing tabular data in spreadsheets and databases. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets, and Notepad may all be used to produce CSV files. CSV files may be imported and […]

How to add interests on linkedin


Do you want to make your LinkedIn profile more appealing? Do you know how to add interests on LinkedIn? The “news sources, Influencers, companies, colleges, and groups” you follow on LinkedIn are categorised as “interests.” This is beneficial since it informs other users of your interests and might even assist you in making new connections […]

How To Fix Err_Address_Unreachable: Easy Fixes


  Disable AntiVirus This problem might be caused by the existing firewall and antivirus settings. Disable them as a test and see if you still get the problem notice. If you still don’t have it, go into the firewall and antivirus software and see how they’re set up. Some customers claimed that the problem was […]